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When starting to take Double Helix Water, we recommend you follow the instructions on the bottle. Drink three drops in 8 ounces of distilled, reverse-osmosis water, or the cleanest water available twice a day.


The stable water clusters seem to have a detoxing effect on the body, but detoxing too fast can be uncomfortable. Since a human body can’t detox heavy metals very quickly, we must eliminate those before increasing the dose. Therefore, keep up this basic dose until all detox reactions from heavy metals are gone. (Consult your physician as needed.)


Since it is your body that heals itself, you’ll find still better results after prolonged use. Your body does not get sick overnight; it usually takes a while. Reversely, it also takes some time to heal itself.



Remove lid.
Place 3 drops into an 8 oz. glass.
Fill glass with 8 oz. of distilled, reverse-osmosis water or the cleanest water available.
Stir vigorously for 30 seconds.

Drink two 8 oz glasses a day.

Alternatively, mix one bottle in a gallon of distilled or reverse-osmosis water. 
Shake well for 2 minutes.
Store out of direct sunlight for daily use. Double Helix Water can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated, depending on your preference.

Drink a 2oz serving twice a day or as directed by your practitioner.


Dr. Marrongelle's Rehydration Protocol

The complete Protocol including the theory behind it can be found here.

Mix one full bottle of Double Helix Water into a gallon of distilled, purified, or reverse- osmosis water.

Drink a four-ounce glass of this water every hour, during waking hours. The key here is that small quantities are spaced apart evenly.


Mix the second bottle of Double Helix Water into a gallon of distilled, purified, or reverse- osmosis water and continue drinking a four-ounce glass every hour. Continue this until the second gallon is used up.


Once the above steps are complete, you are ready to move on to a maintenance dose: three to five drops of Double Helix Water in a glass of water, twice a day.


Taking one bottle of DHW straight (not diluted with distilled water) once a day for two weeks.

Nebulize straight DHW 4 minutes, rest 2 minutes, then nebulize 4 minutes 1 time a day. If nebulizing more than once a day, wait between 7 to 9 hours after first session. To read an article on how to nebulize Double Helix Water click here.

Applying Double Helix Cream topically to any area of discomfort, twice a day.


People with long-term chronic conditions have reported marked improvement after 30–60 days of the following:


15 drops of DHW in 8 oz of distilled water, twice a day.

Nebulizing with DHW straight, twice daily for 2 minutes. To read an article on how to nebulize Double Helix Water click here.


Another subject of interest is athletes. Many athletes who are active in such sports as extreme mountain biking, mountain climbing, weightlifting, tennis, golf, or running have reported improved performance and reduced recovery times after intense workouts. They use Double Helix Water as follows:

15 drops of DHW in 2 oz of distilled water immediately before a workout.

15 drops of DHW in 2 oz of distilled water right after a workout.
15 drops of DHW in 2 oz of distilled water, later that same day.


Take 16 drops of DHW in 3 oz. of distilled water right before a workout.
Take 25 drops of DHW in 3 oz. of distilled water right after a workout.
Take 20 drops of DHW in 2 oz. of distilled water later that day.
Nebulize DHW straight not diluted for 26 drops of DHW for 4 minutes 1 time a day. 
Application of Double Helix Water Sports Cream to any areas of soreness or discomfort and thoroughly massaging the cream into those areas.


Double Helix Water Cream is applied topically for localized penetration.

Massage it into sore, tired muscles to help provide relief and help speed up the self-healing process following injury or exercise.

Apply the cream day and/or night to help rejuvenate, revive, heal and nourish delicate neck and facial skin.

Frequently asked questions regarding taking DHW:

I don't have distilled water or RO water, or I prefer to drink another kind of water, can I still use Double Helix Water?

For best results the instructions have always been to use the cleanest water available when mixing in DHW.  If distilled or RO are not possible the various purified waters are the next most commonly available.  DHW can also be nebulized straight or even taking it directly under the tongue works fine, as long as you are careful not to dirty the dropper surface.  

And while we still do recommend using non-mineralized water, the truth is many do use DHW in their various mineralized waters, alkaline waters, etc., and report excellent results.  For a best personal test, for your first time taking DHW, we recommend using the purest water available, as this adds less variables and is the most honest way to test the water for yourself.  Having said that, if you wish to mix it with other liquids, it will not destabilize the SWCes (the active ingredient in DHW).

Can I take to much Double Helix Water?

Please see this link for an explanation of the initial study done which did show an increase in results concurrent with an increase in dosage quantity and frequency.  Essentially this, and subsequent years of anecdotal evidence, does indicate more may be better - or at least present faster results.  However, the basic dosage outlined above has been tested and used for decades and is what we recommend trying for yourself.  However, if you are interested in really giving it a go, we would then recommend trying the Rehydration Protocol.  This is a 3 bottle program, that starts out at nearly a bottle a day.

There are health practitioners who have used much higher dosages, as well as quite a few athletes.  There are professional athletes who have used up to 4 bottles a day of DHW with no reported adverse effects.

In the case of those who have taken much higher dosages there have been reports of detox also known as Herx Reaction.  This can include head aches or itching in the affected area.  Much as been written about this kind of reaction, as it can happen when ever someone has a toxic build up that is then being released by whatever detoxing substance they start taking.  Generally speaking one can pull back on the dosage if it is to uncomfortable - or simply continue until the detox is done.

Remember Double Helix Water is WATER.  You can overdose on water but you have to drink A LOT of it in a very short period of time.



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