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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you may find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered below or you rather just ask us in person please contact us right here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Double Helix Water

How many drops are there in one bottle and how long does it last?

We guarantee 15 ml per bottle – but we tend to overfill closer to 20 ml.


At 16 drops per ml that is at least 240 drops per bottle.


Basic dosage is 3 drops twice a day so a bottle should last minimally a month when using basic dosage.

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What is the active ingredient in DHW?

The active ingredient in DHW is Stable Water Clusters.


They are microscopic water particles which do not require sub-zero temperatures to remain stable. These particles even remain stable at temperatures beyond the boiling point. Hence, they are called stable water clusters. 

Double Helix Water is composed of Stable Water Clusters suspended in liquid ultra pure water.

See published paper on Stable Water Clusters


Are there any recommendations on how to use the water?

For someone who hasn't used our products before we often recommend trying the Rehydration Protocol put together by Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle. He  has used Double Helix Water successfully in his practice for over a decade. The protocol uses three bottles of Double Helix Water. 

Please find the protocol by clicking here.


What is DHW primarily used for?

Double Helix Water is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory and to help alleviate pain caused by inflammation.


Studies have shown that Double Helix Water® has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as a positive impact on your immune system. As a result users may experience relief from pain caused by inflammation.​


Experiments done by independent clinics suggested that Double Helix Water may make some cell membranes more permeable, allowing these cells to better take in nutrition and excrete waste. And a cell that is permeable and able to take in nutrients and excrete waste is better able to perform its function.  ​


This has resulted in some referring to Double Helix Water as a sort of "driving agent" helping to increase the uptake of other supplements, nutrients and water itself.​


Our creams are infused with Double Helix Water, this way you can focus on a specific area of inflammation topically. Anecdotally our users report pain relief in joints and muscles as well as a reduction in acne and various other skin conditions.

To read what our users have experienced click here.


Glasses of Water

Do I have to use distilled water or Reverse Osmosis water?

We always recommend distilled or RO water for best results. If either of those are not accessible, then we suggest using the cleanest water available.


With that said, many use DHW in their various mineralized waters, alkaline waters, etc., and report excellent results.


If you wish to mix it with other liquids, doing so will not destabilize the Stable Water Clusters which are the active ingredient in DHW.


Will drinking distilled water leech minerals from my bones?

Double Helix Water does not replace the water you drink throughout the day so the amount of distilled water you ingest is very small and will not leech minerals from your bones.


Can I take Double Helix Water without diluting it?

Double Helix Water can be nebulized undiluted or taken directly under the tongue/into ones mouth.


You would need to make sure that you do not touch the dropper to any surfaces such as your fingers or face as you'd likely contaminate the bottle.


Find article on nebulizing right here.

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Can I use other supplements if I am taking Double Helix Water?

Yes you can.

Experiments done by independent clinics suggested that Double Helix Water may make some cell membranes more permeable, allowing these cells to better take in nutrition and excrete waste. And a cell that is permeable and able to take in nutrients and excrete waste is better able to perform its function.


This has resulted in some referring to Double Helix Water as a sort of "driving agent" helping to increase the uptake of other supplements, nutrients and water itself.

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Can you overdose on Double Helix Water?

No you can not overdose on Double Helix Water. Sometimes when doctors use elevated protocols (several bottles a day) with their patients they may experience a detox effect in the form of light nausea or a mild headache.


The detox effect in itself though potentially unpleasant isn't harmful. In fact it's good for the body to detox and the effect either goes away on its own or is lessened by lowering the dosage. 

There are otherwise no known side effects to taking DHW, in large or small quantities.

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Are there any known drug interactions with Double Helix Water?

There are no known drug interactions with Double Helix Water.

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What is the shelf life of Double Helix Water?

With unopened bottles there is no expiration.


Once the bottle is opened we recommend that one avoid touching the dropper to any surfaces, including ones fingers and face.


That way with regular use it will be fine for 1 1/2 months and some.


The truth is that the only reason the water would go bad is due to external contamination.


We have no way of knowing whether a bottle has been contaminated or not after being opened.  So, while a bottle that hasn't been contaminated would be perfectly fine 6 months after being opened, if not more, we can't guarantee that it will be okay that far out, again for lack of certainty the bottle has not been contaminated.

Cold Water Bottles

Is Double Helix Water Structured Water or similar to any other type of water?

In defining Double Helix Water, one should look at what it is not. You may have heard of Kangen water, structured water, and ionized water. Double Helix Water is none of these. It is not a machine that creates a vortex in water; it has not had its pH levels changed by the addition of minerals. Double Helix Water isn’t treated in any way and is present in its natural state. Yet it behaves entirely different from ice, liquid water or water vapor.​


Water can exist as a gas, liquid or solid. In each of these phases, it’s made up of the exact same molecules; only the space between the hydrogen and oxygen changes. This is the part that gets interesting. This is a fourth phase of water, where the space between the hydrogen and oxygen doesn’t change as the temperature changes, it defies the historical classification of water.​


You might wonder why this phase of water has never been discovered before. The fact is, it couldn’t have been found without the advent of the Atomic Force Microscope, which can view the world of atoms.

Image by Jose A.Thompson

Can I put Double Helix Water directly in my eyes?

The long and short answer is yes, you can. Many of our users drop 1-2 drops in each eye 1-2 times a day.

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Do Stable Water Clusters Exist in Nature?

Stable Water Clusters occur when enough ultra pure water is in contact with a water soluble ion.  All salts for instance are water soluble ions and they are present in much of the waters of the world.  However, generally, the water is too "dirty" for SWCes to form.  There are moments where ultra pure water does exist in nature: for instance, at the point of evaporation or after passing through some cell membranes.  At these short moments, if the ultra pure water is in the right quantity and in contact with a water soluble ion, a stable water cluster will form.

It should be noted that it is difficult to find SWCes outside of a laboratory setting due to their miniscule size, also taking into consideration the general background level of contaminants in water.  

See Published Paper on Stable Water Clusters


How is Double Helix Water made?

Double Helix Water is produced in a class 100 clean room laboratory located in Missouri, USA.


The process involves an atomic force microscope and laboratory grade water purification systems.

Double Helix Water® is a registered trademark owned by D&Y Laboratories, Inc. and is used with their permission. D&Y Laboratories holds the patents to Stable Water Clusters.

See Published Paper on Stable Water Clusters

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What research has been done on Double Helix Water?

Over the last 20 years professors at major universities around the world have researched Stable Water Clusters and its effects on the body.


Stable Water Clusters are a fundamental discovery in particle physics as recognized by the published paper Physics Letters A "Evidence for the existence of stable-water-clusters at room temperature and normal pressure".

In a double blind study done by Dr. Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, stable water clusters showed to have an effect on the body’s immune system.


Click here for an article going over Dr. Benjamin Bonavidas study.

Click here for a compilation of research and published papers on Stable Water Clusters.

Water Droplets

If effects of Double Helix Water can be seen in as little as 15 minutes, how long will they last?

The effects can last anywhere between several hours to several days.


The water works best when taken continuously.

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Are there any side effects to taking Double Helix Water?

There are no known side effects to taking Double Helix Water.


However, in elevated protocols used by health practitioners, a small percentage of people have experienced a detox reaction.


Slight nausea, headaches, or other mild discomfort have been reported as a result of toxins being released from the body.

The detox effect, though it may be a little uncomfortable, is not at all harmful and will go away on its own or by lowering the dosage.

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How long before I can tell if Double Helix Water is working for me?

While some people feel results in a matter of weeks others feel benefits gradually over several months of taking the water.


Double Helix Water is a lifestyle change product.


The benefits to the body are best felt over a long period of time; and users should take it daily, just as they would take regular vitamins or supplements

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Can I increase the dosage of Double Helix Water?

Yes, Double Helix Water causes no adverse side effects if taken in larger doses and the benefits will become maximized with increased use.


How should I store Double Helix Water Products? Do any of them need to be refrigerated?

Double Helix Water does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept out of direct sunlight.

We do recommend that one refrigerates the Double Helix Water Gel for pets, once it has been opened.


What kind of bottle do you use?

We use a polyethylene plastic that is far less reactive than your normal polypropylene plastic bottles.

Ultrapure water in the lab - which is the starting point to making Double Helix Water - is made in this sort of container.

Glass bottles do shatter if the temperature is low, making glass not
ideal for shipping to and from cold areas.

Furthermore, if one takes a water sample one is about as likely to find small glass particles in ultrapure water from a glass container as one is to find small plastic particles in ultrapure water taken from one of our containers.

This kind of plastic is not "dirty" like your average plastic containers.

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I Can't get drops out, what do I do?

We tend to overfill our bottles a little to make sure that there's always a bit more than we guarantee in them.


Sometimes this causes a form of tension that can make it tricky to get the first few drops out.


It is generally speaking just a matter of squeezing the sides until the first drops come out after which it won't be tricky anymore.


If the bottle feels too rigid you can put it under warm water for a few minutes to soften it, then try again.

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Does DHW have any flavor to it?

Double Helix Water does not have any flavor to it.

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Is Double Helix Water a US Based Company?

Yes, Double Helix Water, Inc. is a US based company and operates out of the state of Missouri in the United States of America.

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How long does shipping take?

We try and get out orders within 48 business hours of them being placed. From there, depending on where in the US you are and what day of the week your order went out, it can take anywhere from 3-8 business days.

In case of severe weather, which we do get out here during the winter months, there will sometimes be a delay in shipping times simply because USPS is not able to get to us to pick up packages.


When shipping internationally, we cannot predict exactly how long it will take for your products to arrive. We say anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months. 3 months is not the amount of time it normally takes: That is how long it has taken at its worst. On a regular basis, it is 2 - 3 weeks tops.

We do offer 3 day international shipping through DHL and express shipping within the US. Please call 1(800) 928-6883 to place orders with custom shipping.

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What is your return policy?

We accept the return of up to one unopened bottle within 30 days of purchase.


We do not accept returns on creams or lip balms.

To return a product please contact us right here.

Results may vary, testimonials are not intended to be representative of typical results. The testimonials showcased on our website are real, and each person has used our products. However, these results are not to be understood as average or typical results, as they portray what the best and most successful clients have accomplished. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The content provided on this website is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice from your physician or other medical professionals. The information here should not be used for diagnosing, treating disease or health-related issues, or prescribing of medications. Please read all product documentation carefully.

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