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Thousands of infrared images have been taken and analyzed during the research into Double Helix Water and how it affects health.


These images have shown distinct patterns in body surface temperature for various ailments and diseases. For a professional it is possible to interpret hot spots and hot lines detected through thermal imaging to better understand the state or current condition of the human body.

In thermal imaging, the body temperature is measured to detect increased areas of temperature throughout the body. These elevated temperatures are generally perceived as localized inflammation.

Using this information, a doctor or integrative professional is able to see and diagnose conditions of individual organs and body parts, based on the measured level of inflammation.


As an interesting side note, practitioners practicing oriental medicine are frequently able to observe areas of inflammation coinciding with acupoints. Whereas chiropractors and reflexologists similarly are able to correlate inflammation with misaligned skeletal structure or reflex points needing attention.

These are then used in their diagnosis and treatment of various organs, tissues, and bones along the acupoints.


Regardless of the theory used to diagnose, one fact remains undeniable: In many instances when Double Helix Water is used, and scientific measurements are taken, a rapid temporary normalization of body temperatures is observed in afflicted areas. While long term use has seen a more permanent return to healthy body temperature.

Double Helix Water is comprised of stable water clusters, to learn more about the function of Double Helix Water read The relationship of cellular health and Double Helix Water.



These images may be seen as showing the effect of Double Helix Water after 15 minutes.


The thermal images of this child show higher than normal temperatures of the neck as well as increased temperatures on acupoints/reflex points, which appear as hot spots on each side of the head, above the brow bone.

Fifteen minutes after drinking Double Helix Water, the inflamed and affected areas show a considerable improvement.


Body temperature in those afflicted areas is returning to a more normal and ideal state.


The thermal images of this subject show what could be inflammation in the lower legs, and the ankles.


After drinking Double Helix Water, these areas seem to progress to a healthier state.

Double Helix Water is redefining health and the body’s role in healing, to find out how read The relationship of cellular health and Double Helix Water.

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