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Double Helix Water & Pets

“.... I’ve found Double Helix Water to help with Osteoarthritis, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and any kind of inflammation ... “ From Dr. Deva Khalsas Book Natural Dog

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  • Kidney problems improved

  • Reduction in swelling

  • Reduction in inflammation

  • Healing of scarred skin after surgery

  • Increased energy

  • Increased playfulness

  • Lessened joint pain

  • Ease of movement

  • Itchy skin

  • Osteoarthritis, improvement

  • Autoimmune diseases, improvement

  • Diabetes, improvement


FORMULATED WITH DOUBLE HELIX WATER: our cat and dog supplements are made of Double Helix Water, an ultra-pure fourth phase of water containing stable water clusters that support natural detoxification, cellular health, anti-inflammation and hydration, among other benefits. Coupled with proper animal nutrition and care, Double Helix Water can help lay the groundwork for healthy cells, maintain wellness and restore vitality in your pets.

WHEN YOUR PET IS HAPPY, YOU'RE HAPPY: this liquid gel pet supplement may put back the sheen in your furry best friend's skin and coat, improve digestive health and support anti-inflammatory benefits, such as strong, flexible joints and better wound recovery. Your furry best friends deserve to live their happiest, healthiest lives with you.

ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: besides Double Helix Water, this pet supplement is formulated with just a few other ingredients, all of which are beneficial to your dog, cat and other pets. Gelatin from non-GMO grass-fed beef adds a yummy great taste your pet will love; organic sunflower lecithin supports heart, liver, nervous system health and wound healing; potassium sorbate is an approved safe-to-use preservative in moist cat and dog foods and other animal feed.

EASY TO INCORPORATE INTO YOUR PET'S DIET: you may feed the liquid dog and cat supplement directly to your pet or mix it into its food. Depending on your pet's weight, the following dosages are recommended :1-25 lbs. - 1/2 teaspoon twice daily; 25-80 lbs. -1 teaspoon twice daily; larger pets - as instructed by your vet.

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I first became interested in DHW through word of mouth. It came to me that it might not only be helpful to me, but my very old cat as well.


I was recovering from a nearly broken ankle, my cat was suffering with a great deal of joint pain.

I have had this kind of ankle injury before and knew how long the recovery was. I was on crutches and frankly, I couldn't afford the time off.


So, I gave it to both of us. I kid you not when I say that within less then a week, I had very little swelling or bruising and went right back to work. Even my doctor was surprised on my follow-up visit.

As for my old cat, he was so much better I can't even describe it. He could just do things so easily he hadn't done in over 2 years. That made me so happy and thankful.

I had also read some of the online info as to how this all works. Made sense to me and I'm so glad I gave it a try. This will be a staple in my life from now on. — Michelle


My horse continues to move in the right directions and his swelling is a bit less everyday.....this is great since last time when he had significant swelling it took 3 months to go down significantly. ...

100 degrees plus so in the morning and at night I give him "his" dhw drops  so far so good.....this weather is tough but hes holding up well and the swelling is 98% gone so that's great!!! ...


I'm ordering a few extra ones as my young horse has very dry flaky skin so I'm wanting to try the dhw with him, see if that helps as nothing else seem to. ... 

My young horse seems to respond well to dhw hes itching a little less despite the heat so just have to keep going until his skin is recovered from whatever is bothering him. Progress is always good!!



Meet Tintin a 17 year old cat who tackled kidney problems and added fun-filled years to his life by using Double Helix Water in his daily routine.

One of the sweetest cats you'd ever come to meet. All his life, Tintin has been a treasured member of his family. His owners describe him as an old soul with the playfulness of a kitten. 


Eva, one of his owners says:

"He's always had so much affection for the people around him. Not something you can say for all cats, so he is a little unusual in that aspect. 

As Tintin got older, he would still have this kitten-like playfulness.

However, one day Tintin didn't want to participate in his daily playtime routine.

He was tired and didn't move around much. He started drinking copious amounts of water and had to use the restroom frequently.

It was very clear that Tintin was not feeling well. When we took him to the veterinarian he didn't have much of a solution for us.

The Vet said it was his kidneys and that it was related to old age. All we could do was shift his diet around and try to make him as comfortable as possible.

Considering how badly Tintin was doing we were very saddened as we thought this might be the end of the road for our little friend.

He had brightened our lives and had been a part of our children's lives for 17 years, so this was devastating to us.


But then Roland, my husband, thought about the Double Helix Water.


We use it for ourselves and many of our friends use it too.

We started putting it into Tintin's drinking water every day, and his turnaround was nothing short of miraculous.

Within a day or two Tintin was back on his feet, playing like a kitten even more so than he had for years.


He obviously wasn't going to leave us anytime soon. There are no words to describe how happy we are about this.

Tintin found a 10th life with Double Helix Water and we are forever grateful."


-- Roland & Eva A.

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