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How to Nebulize Double Helix Water

By Ian Gann, CEO Double Helix Water, Inc.

People have been nebulizing Double Helix Water for over half a decade now, and we have instructions for how to do so in our booklet here:

However, I would like to discuss it in further detail.

First of all what is nebulizing?

It is essentially the use of a machine to turn liquid into a fine mist vapor, which can then be inhaled.

Though nebulizing is a technical, rather new word, the basic concept has been around forever.

People have been putting various additives in water, using heat to turn it into vapor, and inhaling it for a very, very long time.

Native American sweat tents come to mind as an obvious example.

Sweat baths are also a solid part of Scandinavian culture.

Vikings were known to incorporate sweat baths into their sauna traditions, which were held in a permanent wooden hut.

Now the modern method differs – for one, you are just inhaling the vapor, not inhaling and bathing in it.

And the nebulizing machine does not use heat to turn liquid into vapor – instead it uses pressurized air.

This is fairly obvious when you use one, as you will notice the vapor is not hot.

Nebulizers are normally used for two reasons

The first reason being that a person needs a substance to enter their bloodstream rapidly, and therefore in a higher dosage than simply consuming the substance orally.

The second reason being that a substance needs to be applied directly to the lungs.

So having defined nebulizing, onto the questions:

How do I get one?

Well, it used to be that these were harder to get in the US, often by prescription only.

But at this point in time you can normally buy one in any pharmacy or online.

Here are links to two different nebulizers one can purchase:

But there are many kinds available online.

In the booklet it is recommended to nebulize 4 minutes twice a day – what does that mean and how do I do it?

Well recently I re-familiarized myself with this, as my Mother, who is 65, wanted to nebulize for a week.

I would like to insert a caveat here that if your Medical Professional has provided you with exact instructions then please follow those, but if not, here is how we did it.

A nebulizer is pretty simple really. It has a container you can fill with liquid, which is connected to a mask you wear and breathe in and out from.

You put the liquid in the container, put the mask over your face and breath in and out. Simple as that.

The container amount varies – ours held two ounces.

What concentration of Double Helix Water should I nebulize?

As above, if your Doctor has given you an exact recommended dosage then follow that.

But if not, nebulizing DHW straight is a very high dosage, and is also rather expensive.

An easy way to gain the benefits of nebulizing without going through quite as many bottles of DHW (and a great way to take DHW period) is to take the bottle of DHW and empty the entire bottle into a gallon of the purest water you have available.

Usually that would be distilled, Reverse Osmosis or purified water (as a quick note – I would put DHW in tap water if nothing else was available to drink, but I personally would not nebulize with it). You can then use this mixture in your nebulizer.

If you drink two ounces twice per day of this solution you are taking the Basic Daily dosage of Double Helix Water. Nebulizing in addition to this, would increase the basic dosage taken accordingly.

So I hope this helps and answers any questions you may have had.

As a final note – please do follow the sanitary instructions with your nebulizing masks. It is best to disinfect them after each use and please do not share a nebulizing mask, as it is basically the same as coughing into another person’s mouth. In this day and age that is particularly not a good thing to do.

Best Regards,

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