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At Double Helix Water we believe that the formation of Stable Water Clusters is a process that occurs on its own in nature: in our lab the process has been harnessed and we can bottle Stable Water Clusters in a highly concentrated form.


Stable Water Clusters are defined as a 2-micron-sized ice particle (formed under specific electrical fields) that is stable at room temperature.

Stable-Water-Cluster-Double-Helix No Tex

Stable Water Clusters can be viewed under an Atomic Force Microscope, the most advanced microscope in existence today.


To the left pictured Stable Water Clusters form a Double Helix shape. Hence the name Double Helix Water.

To read more about our founder, David L. Gann and his pioneering discovery of the particle itself click here.


Double Helix Water redefines health and the body’s role in healing by allowing healthy cells to freely and naturally flow nutrients in and toxins out also allowing more oxygen to areas of inflammation.

We are passionate about our belief in Double Helix Water and are dedicated to bringing its benefits to as many people as possible.


No chemical additives are used in the production of Double Helix Water, we do not test our product on animals, no chemical waste is produced, and no harmful ingredients are added – it’s just ultra-pure water containing Stable Water Clusters known as Double Helix Water.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory built by Mr. David Gann features:


  • A Class 100 clean room, in other words it maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 0.5 microns in each cubic foot of air space. In addition to particle control, the cleanroom is temperature and humidity controlled.

  • An Atomic Force Microscope (the most advanced microscope existing today).

  • A highly advanced water filtration system, and a production line unlike any other in the world.

Produced at D&Y Laboratories (pictured below), Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into Stable Water Clusters for commercial use.

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