A Lactose Intolerant girl, tries MORE Protein Powders

Alright, ROUND TWO.

In my first blog I talked a lot about the digestive issues I have with protein powders and why my search started for either a dairy-free or lactose-free version. So if you missed that wild and enlightening info coaster, please click here.

Otherwise, you may join me as I continue *our* protein journey. (*we're in this together, you and me)

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Commence Research ROUND 2:

First on the list for this week was;


no literally, it's called HI (stands for Human Improvement)



Santa Monica, CA

I mean, they say that we should try new things and experience stuff... right?

Maybe. But just maybe not EVERYthing. Maybe protein powder made out of dried pulverized bugs can be at the top of the list of experiences we are allowed to skip.

Well I didn't, and you are welcome to watch the experience here, if you so choose.

It wasn't BAD. And I think the conceptual idea is kinda cool? I don't know, I am not going to be hired as their salesman. I do not want to be Improved as a Human in this way.

Summize it to say that there is absolutely no way, beyond being paid large sums of money, that I would EVER have finished that entire protein shake.

The initial taste is surprisingly decent. The color is off-putting. It's green with black specks...(we'll get back to those specks) But it honestly tastes - ok. The problem is you KNOW what it is, and the more you drink it, and the more it slides down your throat while you look at those rather large black specks, *Shudder* uh uh. nope. No thank you, no you're welcome. We are done here.

I have eaten a lot of bugs in my day, and this was somehow the strangest bug eating experience to date.

(Side Note: the vanilla tastes better than the chocolate, liz and chris are wrong. the end)

Lets move on. Quickly please:




Austin, Texas

This one was sent to me as a recommendation from a friend and I gotta say. WOW. I PERSONALLY did not taste the cookie butter in it, but I did taste that it was DELICIOUS. Definitely the best tasting and easiest drinking vegan protein powder I've tried.

It DOES kinda taste like sweet chalkboard. Stop yelling at me. MY GOOD GOLLY did I get a lot of slack on instagram for saying it tasted like a sweet chalkboard and then giving it an 8/10. But hear me out .....It was still really good. It was a tasty chalkboard treat. And compared to all the other vegan proteins I have tasted which are generally nasty, this one is exceptionally drinkable. Also holy wow does it make a good protein coffee.

When I first tasted it, with 8 oz of cold water and my Double Helix Water, of course, I was unsure, possibly disappointed It didn't taste exactly like diving into a jar of cookie butter like my hopes and dreams had told me it would. (My boyfriend said it tasted like cookie butter to him, so maybe my tastes are broken) BUT I was not disappointed in the protein, that's for sure. Its super smooth and drinkable, and I had zero stomach issues throughout the day. A definite go-to tasty gentle tummy protein. VERY SWEET though.... You have been warned. VERY SWEET.

I wanna try their whey protein flavors now because they get really good reviews for being super yum and gentle, birthday cake, snickers, fruitloops, etc.

Update: I did get to try their snickers flavor whey protein and its good... tastes like snickers. But I think I actually like their vegan protein BETTER. (Who am I?)