A Lactose Intolerant girl, tries some Protein Powders

For the first 30 years of my life, I thought I had stomach aches.

I took prilosec, had a stock pile of tums at arms reach no matter where I went. I did cleanses, I fasted, I tried fad diets, but mostly I just ignored the fact that by the end of the day every day, my stomach hurt. Then, when I had my first baby, he had colic, and a friend of mine recommended I try cutting dairy out of my diet, because it might be affecting the baby (via breastfeeding, in case you've never been down that route).

Now let me tell you I was STRONGLY opposed to this idea. Dairy was SUCH a fundamental part of my diet, but, i was also strongly opposed to continuing to listen to a baby scream inches from my ear all night, so, I tried it.

Spoiler alert: It did not make any difference for my baby. He eventually just grew out of colic as many babies do and became an angel who can do no wrong (l.o.l.). But what happened to ME was CRAZY..... For the first time in my life. I wasn't reaching for tums, or bending over clutching my stomach randomly, or waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. I didn't even have endless cramps, and I wasn't ahem... making embarrassing scents and bathroom runs... I could NOT believe it, had I been lactose Intolerant this whole time? And had NO idea!?

Well it turns out according to some research on the internet, that approximately 40% of adults don't produce enough of the enzyme necessary to break down lactose. Its way more common than you'd think.

Fast forward 6 years (please don't do that math I'm so old), I do crossfit and try my very hardest to be hopefully slightly above averagely fit, maybe :D. But, I struggle getting as much protein as has been recommended to me. ALSO though, I have genetically high blood pressure, and have to stay on a low fat diet, which makes eating enough protein SUPER difficult.

So, I wanted to find a protein powder which could supplement in that necessary protein without also summoning the daggers of hell into my gut, via the evil lactose demon.

And if you've been following along in my stories (check me out @ninatreemonkey - heeeeeey), you will know this has been an eventful process.

Commence Research:

I started out with recommendations with friends, one of which was! dun dun dun dunnnnn


PLANTEIN - Cinnamon Roll


Huntington Beach, California

Alright, I had mixed feelings about these. I drank both with 6 oz of water and 1 drop of Double Helix Water. The whey protein Cinnamon French Toast is DELICIOUS. YUM. yum. But, it hurt my stomach. BOOOO. Within 20 minutes of drinking it I was bent over like I'd been stabbed in the gut. I tried it again the next day and same response. My boyfriend loves it though and is happily finishing it off. The Plantein vegan protein is flavor wise, ok....I'd say of all the vegan proteins I have tried recently it's the best of one. But ugh, it's still got that gritty texture that they all have which is just such a turn off for me. I could never have one as a daily drink, and fear it would just suffer a slow death in the back of the cupboard, waiting for its expiration date to free it to a life of trash. Also, I wouldn't say this flavor tastes anything like a cinnamon roll. More like, super watered down Horchata. If you have to have vegan tho I'd say this is definitely one of the best options out there. It mixes smooth and is totally drinkable. Matt said it made his throat itch though. I don't know why. Don't kill the messenger, man.

Next up my super lovely friend and wonderful health coach Ashleigh Todd recommends this local protein:

THE RIGHT WHEY - Natural Vanilla

Clean Fuel Nutrition - Kansas City, MO

Clean Fuel Nutrition: So this one is a Small family owned company in Kansas City, MO , which makes me very happy, as I am too. It's promoted as "an ultra-premium, all-natural, gluten-free, non-gmo 100% Whey Protein powder....comprised of 100% whey isolate combined with digestive enzymes for maximum BCAA uptake and absorption."

As with all the protein powders on this list I mixed it with 6 oz of cold water & 1 drop of Double Helix Water.

Here's what I thought:

Very light, has a tiny flavor of vanilla but no thickness and no mouth residue, would be a great protein for someone who doesn't want to feel like they are drinking a hefty shake. A Hefty shake is definitely not how this would ever be described. It is more like an airy snack. It's sweet but not traditionally sweet, like in the way that splenda is sweet but also not. The monk fruit is kinda strong. I think it would be a fantastic protein to use in