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The Toughest Endurance Race in the World

Today we are highlighting an amazing event and story about one of our practitioners Dr. Rich, who participated in the Race Across America event in order to raise awareness for the Wounded Warriors Project.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Race Across America, It is undoubtedly the worlds toughest bicycle race. Its total length, 3000 miles. It is a third longer than Europe's longest endurance event, Tour de France, and unlike the Tour de France, Race Across America is done in one stage, start to finish. Tour de France is done in 21 stages with rest in between.

Tour de France is done over 3 weeks, while Race Across America is done in about 7 to 12 days depending on the rider or team.

Roughly 50 percent of riders drop out of the race.

What makes this particular achievement even more spectacular, is that this practitioner is part of only fourteen 4 person teams that completed the race this year. Top this off that his team was they only team age 60 and over to participate in this race so far this year.

To better understand the significance of the race you can watch the below video.

When we heard about this fantastic effort of participating in the worlds toughest endurance race to help raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, we naturally wanted to support this in any way we could. We did so by providing an advanced endurance protocol for athletes and the needed Double Helix Water.

A Herculean endurance race like this normally takes an incredible toll on athletes who attempt to undertake this, and in whatever small way possible we wanted to support the effort to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project.

While we have had spectacular feedback from Olympic Marathon Runners, we have never had anyone use Double Helix Water in the toughest endurance challenge in the world. As such we wanted to share the feedback.


"Thank you for supporting me in my Race Across America Team Honor Warriors event! I also want to give you feedback on my experience during the race using the Double Helix Water.
On the first two and half days through the California, Arizona and Utah desert, temperatures ranged from 114 degree high’s to 40 degree low’s. The desert is always a major obstacle for many of the riders and is usually the place where most drop out due to the intense heat and terrain. Even while crossing Kansas, the temperatures were 108-110 degrees. Working on little to no sleep for the 3,000 + mile crossing also presents more stress for the body to deal with.
My protocol for using Double Helix Water was to take 4 bottles on the first two days then 3 bottles per day for the remaining 6 days. I am pleased to report that I never experienced sore muscles or cramps of any kind during the 8 plus days of effort!
I have used double helix water for many years to help with inflammation and speeding up the recovery process, always with exceptional results! I highly recommend Double Helix Water to my clients and will continue to use it for myself! Thanks again for your support and for following my team’s progress as we crossed the U.S." -- B. R.

Do you want to improve your performance as an athlete?

While this sounds almost unbelievable and to good to be true, this type feedback is common from athletes, including Olympic marathon runners who use high dosages of Double Helix Water to significantly improve their performance.

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