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The Martine: Pure & Simple Age-Defying Package

There are Thousands of Beauty Products to Choose From. What Makes Our Product Different From the Rest?

At Martine: Pure & Simple, the Basic Purpose is to provide a non-toxic alternative to beauty care, that helps to maintain healthy skin, with no petroleum by-products, no parabens, and no unhealthy chemicals.

Double Helix Water reduces inflammation and supports cellular health.

Adding this to a skin care line is pure brilliance!

Users of the package have reported:

  • A lessening of the appearance of acne, wrinkles and fine lines

  • Moisturizing and soothing of skin

  • Promotion of a supple, consistent appearance to the skin

  • Increased hydration


"I started using this skin care line as someone who doesn't always devote the appropriate time or attention to my daily skin routine. Committed to the experiment, I found myself looking *forward* to my new daily/nightly skin regimen. The cleansing elixir is light but still lathers up nicely. The lip balm is something I carry around daily, has a refreshing, minty smell, and leaves a nice, soft sheen. The age defying cream can be used sparingly, but after spending too much time in the sun one weekend, I found that it saved my face from becoming overly dry/painful, and prevented excess peeling, which always seems to happen to me. My favorite part of the package is the hydrating rose mist, which allowed me to experience a nightly spa-like experience in my own bathroom. I would highly recommend this entire line to anyone looking to make a worthy investment into the future of their skin.
I have been using Double Helix water cream for some time and I am so happy you offer the skin care line integrated with this product. I have used my first set of Age Defying Cream, Face Wash and Mist and cannot live without it. I am 64 years young and can truly tell a difference in my skin after a couple of months of use. My skin color and tone is actually rebalancing….. truly. This is the truth! Thank you for offering this product line. Deb-happy!!!!! I am calling to order my second set tomorrow.



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