Are Preservatives Causing Your Indigestion?

By: David L. Gann

Every food giant advertises its “delicious meals” and “high-quality food items” so that you, the consumer, will choose to buy its brand.  And, true to their word, some of their food tastes pretty good.

But, with the globalization and centralization of food, new problems arise. How do you keep food fresh long enough to:

  • Be harvested.

  • Be transported to the factory.

  • Be processed.

  • Be packaged.

  • Be transported to the store.

  • Be stocked.

  • Be sold.

  • Arrive in your kitchen.

  • Be placed in your cupboard or fridge.

  • And wait for you to cook and eat it

As you can see, it could take months before you eat the food that you bought.

But, food in its natural state tends to go bad within a few days. And when we spend our hard-earned money buying food, we complain bitterly if it has spoiled.  Likewise, when we complain about a brand, its profits go down, and that's not a good place to be in for a business.  

The brilliant solution to food spoilage is of course the use of preservatives – but this is where you get a conflict of interest.

Nutrition, energy and health all center around an essential biological process called digestion.

To give you a really basic explanation of digestion, consider the following:

Digestion is the process of food being broken down and spoiled by bacteria inside your stomach.

Your digestive system isolates the nutrients for use, and once it has finished extracting those nutrients, it gets rid of the crap (literally).

Just think it through.  Not trying to be crass here, but food that has gone off smells terrible.  The same process is at work internally.

What's important to understand here is that the process of digesting is really the process of spoiling food: breaking it down, or making it “go off.”  If this can not occur, then you can not extract the nutrients out of the food you eat.

But food manufacturers need to keep food fresh as long as possible. If they don't, we complain, and their profit goes down.

So they add preservatives that prevent or slow food from decaying or breaking down.  Well, that is the exact opposite of what your digestive system is trying to achieve.  

Your digestive system wants to break the food down.  If it receives foods that are difficult to break down, it can not extract the nutrients.  If nutrients can not be extracted from foods, your health suffers.

Did you know that some artificial preservatives use the same base material used to make lethal injections for executions in Nazi Germany?