The DANGER of Petroleum Products in your Beauty Cream

By: Martine Gann

Recently a user of my products mentioned that she knew petroleum products were bad, but she didn’t actually know why.

So I decided to delve into this explanation:

First off, and most importantly, petroleum is highly toxic.

But also, it stops your skin from absorbing.

From absorbing anything at all.

Any nourishing product that may actually be in a cream, (which also contains petroleum products) can’t actually be absorbed by the body.

They completely work against them in fact. And are therefore the opposite of anti-aging.

But yet the cosmetic industry has spent a lot of money on expensive studies trying to convince us that petroleum by-products under pseudonyms are good for you.

This is because they are inexpensive binders and fillers for their products.

The more they convince the public that these ingredients are good, the more money they can make.

Below is a list of common ingredients which are ACTUALLY petroleum byproducts:

Mineral oil


Petroleum jelly


Liquid paraffin

Mineral oil specifically is the waste product from refining petroleum - think toxic sludge - which means it is incredibly cheap. And that is why it is so heavily used in the billion-dollar beauty industry. Don’t be fooled by their expensive advertising.

Big cosmetic companies try to state that mineral oil (or any of the other names for petroleum products) protect your skin by making a barrier between your skin and the environment. Keep moisture in, keep contaminants out.

Well, ok…. In actuality, it does create a barrier, but that barrier is suffocating your skin. When you cover yourself in this product, your skin can’t breathe. It can’t secrete toxins, so instead bacteria gets trapped to incubate under the petroleum layer and build up - causing blemishes.

Additionally you'll notice these companies never mention mineral oil having any nourishing value, because it doesn’t. It is, after all, derived from a highly toxic product: petroleum.

Another interesting point is mineral oil can’t be metabolized. And since it can’t be m