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Testimonial Related to Vision

I have a good one for you!  I have worn glasses all my life, as I’ve always been very near-sighted.  Every few years my eyes seem to change a bit and my glasses need to be replaced with a new prescription.  For the last 6 months or so, I’ve noticed that my glasses really aren’t working very well anymore, to the point that I can’t read the road signs as I drive by. 


OK, time for new glasses, right? 


Well, this is the good part, I met with my optometrist last week and he ran me through the paces, checking this and measuring that. 


He seemed somewhat confused and even asked me if I was the same person as the file he was looking through (this is a new Dr. for me, but I’ve been going to the same practice for over 20 years now), as he hadn’t met me before. 


When I told him I was he said, “That’s impossible!  There is no way these are the same eyes!”  I assured him that these were indeed my real eyes. 


Then he said, “Looking through your file I see that you have pretty much been off the charts for many years, with eyesight of around 20/400.” 


“OK,” I said. 


“So, explain to me why today your eyes are now at 20/50 (R) and 20/100 (L).” 


“I don’t know, is that weird?” I asked. 


He said, “Weird?  I’ve never, ever seen this before.  NEVER.  In fact, it’s just about impossible for your eyes to change so quickly.  What the ... have you been doing in the last year?” 


I smiled and said, “Nothing, except for drinking double helix water for the last 8 months.”  He hadn’t heard of it, so I explained it all to him.  He was completely blown away.  He told me, “Thank God this is my last appointment of the day.  I need to go look this up!  You have totally blown me away.” ...”


— S.H.


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