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Testimonial Related to Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Pain Relief & Increased Joint Mobility

My Double Helix Water (DHW) experience is similar to other seniors' read here.

At 73, my active lifestyle has taken its toll in the form of sports injuries and arthritis. I would prefer to run 5 miles a day but heart and knee issues prevent me from doing so.

Recently, I have been forced to give up my elliptical for a rower to further minimize knee issues. I started DHW and found the Dr. Marrongelle re-hydration protocol beneficial.

I followed that program by using an increasing number of DHW drops per day until I reached 30 drops.

For me, this number of drops per day, along with other focused supplementation, continue to provide pain relief and increased joint mobility beyond just my knees.

Body weight exercising is easier and I can push beyond previous limits towards new goals.

I feel confident that over time DHW daily use will continue to support increased mobility and joint pain reduction.

I am very thankful for DHW and its contribution to my daily regimen.


— J. T.



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