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Testimonial Related to Several Life-long Auto-immune Diseases

“Double Helix Water Saved my Life. I was suffering from several life-long auto-immune diseases in 2014 and was at the end of my rope, literally, when I was given a bottle of Double Helix Water by a trusted colleague and friend.


He wasn't sure if it would help me or not, but after over 40 years of agony, 15 years on a pain contract and decades of prescriptions too numerous to list, I felt I had nothing to lose.


Suffice it to say, after over six years of daily consumption of DHW, I am no longer symptomatic of ANY of the diseases I was diagnosed with (Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, to name just three) and am off of EVERY prescription drug I was ever prescribed, a couple of which I was told by numerous doctors that I would never be able to withdraw from completely.


This product was the catalyst that propelled me into a state of health that I haven't experienced in my entire life, at least since I was 13 years old when the first disease symptoms manifested in my life.


I now consume a plethora of healthy, organic foods, stay far away from the processed food aisles in the supermarket, supplement with various other immune system-boosting products and never miss a day of Double Helix Water!


There are so many benefits to this water, far too many to mention here, but I seriously would not be writing this today without it. We also use DHW for Pets for all our dogs and cats--and all are thriving, as well!





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