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Testimonial related to Past Injuries & Elan Vital

(Potentially Triggering Content)

“I used to be an active martial artist, fighter, and all-around athlete. In my late 20's I began working as a fight choreographer and stunts man for film and TV.


My early 30's were a painful reminder of the damage and abuse I had put my body through whether it was going through a wall or fighting MMA.


My biggest day to day physical problems were my shoulder, ankle, headaches, hip, and also an old hand injury had taken most of the strength from my right hand. Psychologically my problem was far worse.


I was jumped by several men in 2006 and after the fight was done, I had a skull fracture, multiple jaw fractures, and other injuries which sent me into a deep depression.


My body was in such bad shape that I was taking over the recommended dosage for several pain relief medications both prescriptions, and over the counter.


After being jumped in 2006 I was diagnosed with PTSD as well as depression. I was placed on anti-depressants, pain killer, and even anti-seizure medications for headaches triggered by light.


Needless to say I was in a very dark place and every day became a struggle to get out of bed and even thought about suicide a number of times (though I never acted on it) I was am athlete on a national level and a fighter known for my heart and I couldn't get out of bed.


I had tried everything. From prescriptions, to herbal remedies and acupuncture, to meditation, eastern and western medicines.


I was truly desperate, and this darkness was very noticeable to all my friends and family.


One day my friend had received a bottle of Double Helix Water on his birthday from someone, and rather than take it himself, he gave it to me. At this point my brain said "It's just water, what the hell can this do for me" but my soul was desperate to try anything.


When he told me that there were no side effects, I thought to myself, "What's it gonna hurt? No side effects and it was free to me."


I began taking it twice a day and to be honest, did not have any faith in it. I assumed it was another product that promised the world and gave you side effects and stole your money (which I have tried many).


After about a week I can't deny it's results.


About 90% of all my aches and pain were gone, and amazingly enough, the strength in my right hand had returned.


The most significant event for me was that I found my depression was getting better.


I was still skeptical because I was taking a number of expensive meds and they did not seem to help me at all and I also thought it could just be me "wanting" to get better so I allowed time for a self generated placebo effect to pass.


A few weeks later both all the pain AND my depression was gone. Just gone.


And my body began feeling good. Please understand that my body hasn't felt good for about 10 years.


I was able to function again, both physically and mentally and then some. I hadn't told anyone I was taking Double Helix Water. The proof came when friends and family began saying things like "You're seem happier" "You're sharper" "You seem lighter", "Where is this motivation coming from" and these comments just kept coming and they were right.


I felt sharper, clearer, no depression, and stronger. After understanding the science behind Double Helix Water things began to make sense.


It's not a miracle cure all, it's a scientific breakthrough. It's such a simple idea that puts big pharma to shame and for the first time I can honestly say that "This worked for me".


I highly recommend this to everyone. That's the first time I've said that about any product.”





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