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Testimonial related to Mercury Poisoning & Amalgam Fillings

(Potentially triggering content)

“I found double helix water about 15 months ago and have been drinking it and using the cream since then. I found it at a time in my life when I was quite sick from amalgam dental fillings which were of course filled with mercury. I had good teeth and did not need new dental work, I thought. I was actually unaware of the toxic substance that was in my mouth for almost 35 years.


About five years ago I started noticing thinning hair and memory problems and headaches and went to the doctor. They prescribed me anti-depressants and pain killers and all kinds of things. I ended up in the hospital for three days where my heart rate was getting so low that the nurse would come and wake me up in the middle of the night. They released me with no idea what was wrong and told me to go to a heart specialist. I had no insurance and no chance of seeing a specialist.


I finally found a doctor who knew about mercury fillings and went and had them removed. Both the doctor and his assistant wore "Darth Vader" type masks while they worked on me, it was kind of scary really. I went for chelation therapy for a little more than a year, believing it to be the only "cure" for mercury poisoning.


It was hard on me physically, and the cost became something that I couldn't do. No insurance.


The symptoms of the mercury poisoning came back. I felt like I was in some kind of a fog. I knew what mercury poisoning meant for my future and decided that that was not the life I was going to live.


I would go in to work and the computer system was like something that I had to learn again and again.


I remember one time looking at a customer while they were talking and thinking, "I am having a problem understanding language..." I felt like mental illness or Alzheimer's was descending on me. As selfish as it sounds I was not going to have my beautiful daughter see her mother not know her. I had a plan to end my life.


This is when I found double helix water. I bought three bottles and one cream. Within a couple of weeks I just felt better.


The fog that was my life started lifting. I could focus again. I started being able to remember things better.


Double helix water improved my concentration, memory, mood, I feel like it kick-started my brain. It is very difficult to explain without sounding dramatic. But really, I feel like it saved my life.


Like I said before, I have been using double helix water and cream now for about 15 months. I am a 57 year old horse-woman and I have been riding all my life. That comes with all the broken bones and arthritis that follows. I just expected to have to deal with that pain for the rest of my life. Right? Just what happens when you get older I thought.


The water and cream has worked in so many ways. I feel good. If my knees hurt once in a while, or my hands, I just rub some cream on. It is SO effective. I do not know how or why but it definitely eases the pain of arthritis. It reduces inflammation, bruising, anywhere it hurts I put it on. And it works.


I have also used it on burns. Unbelievably effective. In the cases I have seen (and had) it stops the pain, speeds healing and minimizes scarring. My family and I are chefs as well as horse people and use the cream all the time. Cuts, scrapes, burns, swelling, bruising, pain............................... This cream should be in every first aid kit. The faster it is put on the better it works.


I have given the double helix water and cream to my 81 year old father, my (now) 20 year old daughter, my sisters, my nieces. I have seen it help TBI (traumatic brain injury) OCD, ADHD, depression, arthritis, burns, bruising, toxic mercury poisoning with my own eyes, no doubt about it.


I can only tell of my own experiences and those of my loved ones around me but these are real and dramatic changes.


There is no doubt in my mind that this water and cream works for so many, many things. It is an effective, inexpensive way of treating common and uncommon problems alike.


I cannot say enough"




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