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Testimonial related to Lymes Disease & Pain

“I tried the Double helix Water the first time while in a Conference for Integrative Health Care treatments.


I was doing videos and interviews and as you might imagine, having Lyme I was deeply exhausted and swollen. I thought I was not going to be able to come back the second day. My last interview of the day was with the DHW, they insisted I had to try the double helix water myself before the interview because they saw me exhausted and in pain.


Well, they do a thermal picture first and I had tons of "heat" meaning swelling and all from my arm pits down to the liver and belly. The pain in my back from the neck to my butt was unbearable too and the pictures showed the white hottest spots and the red ones. The white is the hottest while the blues and greens are cooler better; purple has no good circulation. Then, they had me inhaling the Double helix Water with a nebulizer, I guess it was for three or five minutes, and ten minutes later I had a second picture.


Well while walking to the room of the picture - a couple of feet away - I told them I felt like if the pain of my back was taken away, like if it had slipped down lol. The picture showed the heat in the back was almost gone; the front of my body was still swollen but there was some recovery, immediate I should say, hard to believe if I had not felt it.


I did the interview gladly surprised. Went home around 10 p.m. thinking I was going to pass out and stay in bed for the next three days but nope, at 9 am I was at the hotel waiting for the DHW people to arrive. I needed to show them my arm pits - touch them I said, touch me, lol. My swelling had come down a bit more while sleeping? They took me another picture and it showed some recovery compared to the first one, and then I inhaled the DHW for a couple of minutes. In theory I should had the picture taken again during the first 15 minutes but I had to start working right away, stressing, sweating lol, when they came and asked me to have the picture taken but they thought the result was not going to be good due to it was one hour later and I was literally sweating.


Well the pictures were really special, the swelling had come down in the liver area - under the ribs and the sides of my body- and I was working like in my good days at full speed.


I worked this second day until 10 p.m. and a third day again more than 12 hours, first time in years I was able to do something like this. I don't mean I was cured nor completely recovered but I was better!


After I came home I called and bought the DHW but even though I felt it helped a bit it was not so much as during the conference so I bought a nebulizer and found out it works better for me inhaled.


My sister used it too and she states it helped her with her hot flashes!!! I still have the Double Helix Water and when I get very sick and I'm on my verge of desperation I remember it and inhale it and it helps me sooo much.


I use the cream to bring down the swelling in my thyroid and some other swelling I get in the face, or the body. I can't say it cures Lyme Disease, but it has something that stabilizes my sick body and regenerates it and makes it work better.


What I think the Double Helix Water does is it addresses the problem each person has, like treating each specific problem. If you read the comments people make, they all have different conditions and they all say it helped in some way.


I learned something very important from their interviews and it is that the body needs to flow to be healthy and in my case my lymphatic system being clogged makes me sicker; my belly not flowing properly makes me toxic; my blood thick full of bacteria doesn't flow right either so, the Double helix water is the one that can help unblock and let the body do the proper job to restore health.


Let me say by now that I am not being paid to say this, I have no commercial relations with the company nor with any of their personnel only tons of gratitude and appreciation.


Wishing you a very healthy day.”





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