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Testimonial related to Lymes Disease & Water Retention

(Posted to our Facebook page)

I can only thank you, and thank you, and thank you, for helping me and giving me your water, I was truly sick and in pain as you can see in my Thermography reports; the Helix water lowered the "heat" of my body, meaning reduced swelling and pain.

I have no enough words to thank the care and dedication of you guys and the amusement your water produces in me seeing I have lost already 4 pounds of water retention and I feel so much better I never thought I could be like this after 6 years of suffering interminable swelling from Lyme Disease.

God bless you all and please keep up the good job. A big hug to all. I would like to do a disclaimer saying no one has paid me a penny to say this words here nor anywhere; this is all from my heart deep of thankfulness!




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