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Testimonial Related to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

“I have Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which has led to Osteoarthrosis. My feet have been especially affected. I have been living with this since age 23. By 2019 the "protection" between the joints in my feet had gotten completely worn away and I had a lot of calcium deposits that had started to settle between the joints. It hurt like crazy all the time, I wasn’t able to sleep at night because it hurt so much. In 2019 I had surgery on my right foot and put in four screws to stabilize it.


But then after the surgery I got this swelling, it just filled with fluid all the time. And it happened randomly, it was really not within my ability to control.


The doctor who performed the surgery on my foot didn't know what it was, he did x-rays and MRI scans, but he still couldn't figure out what was causing my foot to swell up, it wasn't the screws, it was kind of a mystery.


And every single time the foot swelled up, I couldn't walk on it, it was like a full day that I couldn't move or walk on it at all.


I had Several doctors look at it, no one understood what it was.


And then I drank these drops (Double Helix Water) and put on this cream that I got from you every single day.


After just five days the swelling had gone down significantly and after two weeks it was completely gone.


From day one that I started taking Double Helix (Water) the swelling didn’t come back and it still hasn't come back. It's almost a whole year now that the swelling is completely gone, the problem is completely gone, and I have no pain in my foot anymore.







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