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Testimonial related to Diabetes, Liver & Kidney Issues

“I am 64 years old and I have had Diabetes for ten years and a weak liver. 


The medication for Diabetes works against the liver causing me more problems with the liver. 


Two weeks ago I was having problems sleeping and my liver was swollen to the point I was in pain and could not eat much of anything. 


My blood sugar was averaging 290+. 


I also had indigestion and diarrhea every day.  I also developed blisters on my back, believed to be caused from the liver problems. 


There also were kidney  complications related to the Diabetes.  At least once a month I was having kidney infections.


Within three days of drinking the crystal water (Double Helix Water) my pain was subsiding and I was able to eat more normal.  Within five days my indigestion and diarrhea stopped.  In seven days my blood sugar dropped to 135. 


I am drinking two glasses a day of the crystal water, mixing 40 drops per gallon. 


I now sleep better and I have more energy.  My pain is mostly gone and the swelling is gone from the liver. 


I can eat regular food now with no problems. 


My blisters have dried up and no new ones have formed. 


I hope that the Diabetes continues to improve as I drink the crystals (Double Helix Water). 


I have had no more kidney infections, at present.

Sincerely ”— C.B.M.



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