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Testimonial Related to Chronically Dry Skin & The Double Helix Water Creams

Hi there, I really like it! I love that there’s no fragrance, great simple ingredients, and it’s hydrating to the skin.

I live in a dry climate so that’s important. I dislike most skin care products, even high end natural ones, because most of them don’t have much life even though the ingredients seem good.

I’ve made my own creams so I know the difference. I put structured water in mine plus medicinal clays, and they have so much life they are really healing.

I liked your water so I wanted to give the cream a try and I’m happily surprised. It all absorbs, no residue, nourishing to the skin, balancing for the energy field.

Thank you for a very nice product! I recommended to a friend in Albuquerque who complained of chronically dry skin and she loves it as well, as well as the water.

It’s funny, I bought your water by mistake thinking it was created by a different person also working with ‘double helix’ water - I’m glad I goofed because I really like your products!


Blessings — Holland


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