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Testimonial related to Chronic Pain & Joint Replacements

“I got my dad onto Double Helix Water, got him taking it 2 times per day per the protocols.


Note, my dad is 80 years old. He has had 2 kidney transplants, is on dialysis and on painkillers for chronic pain.


He has had prostate cancer and is very feeble, walks with a cane etc.


He’s also worn a knee brace since his 30s.


Two weeks later, I call home and my mother tells me, “Your dad tells me the water is curing him. He threw away all his painkillers because he’s no longer experiencing any pain and he’s thrown away his knee brace as well.”


So, with that, my mother starts taking DHW and also reports the same – pain free!


She’s had multiple hip and knee joint replacements, surgery for tendons in her shoulder, hands etc.


Basically both were physical wrecks.


So, both my mother and father have eliminated the pains they had and are rave about DHW on less than a month on the product.






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