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Testimonial related to Blood Coagulation & Rosacea

“I have been taking the Double Helix Water now for just about 3 months.


When I got the double helix water, I put the drops into distilled water and drank it 3 times a day.  I really had set my expectation for 'the long haul' so I wasn't expecting results right away.  There were things I did notice, though right away...this was a clearer connection to myself. Again, I thought perhaps it was a placebo effect, so I just kept going and day by day I just kept feeling better and better.


It helped definitely with PMS symptoms, and other noticeable affects after about 30 days was, my parrot had bitten my hand and I mean crunched down!


Now because I've had a lot of these in the past, I know that it usually means my compressing it for 15 minutes or so to stop the bleeding...etc. Well, here was a miracle because it bled for all of 5 seconds, stopped, and coagulated with NO swelling...the next day the bite was barely noticeable. 


They've got a sports cream that I have used on my ACL strain which really helped as well.


The sports cream is AMAZING. I have been using it on my face for mild Rosacea which works like a charm.


Sometimes I get Contact Dermatitis from my motorcycle helmet which NOTHING but steroidal creams has helped in the past.  On a whim the other day, I thought I would give the sports cream a try and just couldn't believe it, the itching went away immediately and the rash was GONE by the next day!!


This is an amazing product.


A little more info on that Contact Dermatitis..... It had turned into full blown Eczema and it would be around for days.  Nothing I could do except for the heavy steroidal skin creams prescribed by a doctor helped (even that was marginal). The Sports Cream just literally zapped it away. I mean by the next day, GONE!!! It REALLY is amazing. 


My eye doctor said also that I have a mild case of rosacea ... She wants me to take this prescription cream that costs $ 75 WITH insurance.  Anyway, I have been using the good 'ole sports cream on my face and whatever was causing the mild red patches here and there are gone!


It just keeps getting better and better.


I highly recommend this product!!”


Dr. K. Hawaii


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