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Testimonial related to Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Weakness & Numbness

“I am 71 years old and for the past 3 years I have been fighting a severe case of arthritis in all my joints mostly in my hips, legs & shoulders. 


Along with muscle pain and weakness and numbness in my lower legs. 


I couldn’t sleep at night and had no energy.  Drugs did not help and I was taking 4 to 8 pain pills a day, just to get around some. 


After drinking 1 8oz glass of Double Helix Water a day for 3 weeks I started feeling better and had more energy and the pain in my joints & muscle started to improve. 


I started drinking one 8oz glass twice a day. 


Three weeks later the pain in my legs & joints improved by 90 percent. 


I can stand straight and walk without my cane.  I stopped taking pain pills, and now I can sleep at night without pain. 


I have been on the double helix water for two and a half months . 


I now feel great.  I have more energy & strength in my muscle and the numbness and pain is 98 percent gone. 


I’m sleeping great thanks to the double helix water.”


 F. M.



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