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Testimonial Related to Arthritis, Mobility & Shingles

“I must tell you about the “Double Helix Water.” Started on it “2 drops to a 6-8 oz of distilled water.” 

It’s really incredible. I said it was in my mind but if I don’t take it my Arthritis hurts all over my back, hips, and hands. 

Now after taking it I’m sitting here like I had another person’s body. I have a finger on my right hand ... hurt like ..., was swollen like a sausage and almost unusable.  Now the swelling is down and I can cut food and write. 

I feel like I may have found what they had in “Lost Horizon.”  My shingles “the bane of my existence” are better, the itching and burning going away.

My hips don’t hurt so now I can walk without loping along. What can I say but Thanks, Thanks, Thanks! Thanks however is just not a big enough word to say for my appreciation in your sharing this rather magical potion.  I wish was permanent because it does wear off. ...”


— Pauline



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