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Testimonial Related to Arthritis, Adrenals & Back Pain

The moment I understood what "double helix water" is, I wanted to use this!!


I had totally burned out Adrenals, no energy, back pain and arthritis that would keep me awake in the night, not know what side to turn on because of the pain!


I started to drink purified water with 10 drops of Double Helix Water in half a liter of water. In the first 2-3 months I took 1 liter of purified water with the double helix water drops inside, a day.


On a more and more basis I got my energy back, the pain of the Arthritis went away and my hair started to grow again! I am not speaking even about the tone and appearance of my skin!! I am not young anymore "body wise", but many lines in my face disappeared!


The point is that the Double Helix water is working on a so basic level, the cell, it can't go more basic. These stable water clusters repair, and rejuvenate!


Now, after 4-5 months, my arthritis is gone, I can sleep again a whole night!


I have energy and more than I had in a very, very long time!! I absolutely recommend this to anyone, who want to feel energetic and "young" again!!





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