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Testimonial Related to Human Ankle Injury & Joint Pain in Older Cat

“I first became interested in DHW through word of mouth. It came to me that it might not only be helpful to me, but my very old cat as well. I was recovering from a nearly broken ankle, my cat was suffering with a great deal of joint pain.


I have had this kind of ankle injury before and knew how long the recovery was. I was on crutches and frankly, I couldn't afford the time off. So, I gave it to both of us. I kid you not when I say that within less then a week, I had very little swelling or bruising and went right back to work. Even my doctor was surprised on my follow-up visit.


As for my old cat, he was so much better I can't even describe it. He could just do things so easily he hadn't done in over 2 years. That made me so happy and thankful.


I had also read some of the online info as to how this all works. Made sense to me and I'm so glad I gave it a try. This will be a staple in my life from now on.”


— Michelle


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