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Testimonial Related to Dramatic Recovery, Mobility, Swelling & Pain

“... my knee was out; my elbows were out; my foot was scraped and swollen like a pumpkin and I was looking into getting an electric wheel chair for the house so I could actually get to the bathroom and make food without being in so much pain.

After that day ..., (I think it was the next day) I stayed on crutches and the following day, I was off my crutches—completely off my crutches.

My foot swelling went all the way down. I’m still on the two boots but it was like miraculous!

One day I’m thinking I’m going to get an electric wheel chair to within 48 hours, I’m completely walking with my boots.

It’s amazing. Really totally amazing! Like 3 days later I’m dancing in my boots at a party (laughs).

Ninety percent of the swelling is gone. Pretty radical. ... I’m very intrigued by what this is all about.

Just wanted to share this with you. I was reminded because ... from the office of the product emailed me “How’s it going?” It just hit me that I hadn’t told you ... . I’m telling everybody.

It was really pretty dramatic. I’m even driving with my left foot. I’m still needing some recovery time but WOW what a difference!


 — A.R.

Note: “boots” are the boots the hospital gave her to support and stabilize her feet.


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