By: Nina Meyer

In the current times of everyone fantasizing that their dusty pile of trash is worth a gold mine on facebook, I’m worried we’ve strewn too far from the joy-filled art of just giving your crap away.

I personally love to give things away. I’ve always felt like if I purchased something, got my use out of it. Then I felt like it served it’s purpose, I’m fine with it moving on. I’d rather not fill the dumps with my used worths, but if someone else wants it, then that’s wonderful.

I no longer need that thing which I paid for, it was worth the price I spent on it, so I’ll find someone who needs it next.

Now this does not mean that I WON’T accept money for a re-sale of an item, I too have sold many a vintage rug on facebook marketplace for a crisp bill. But, it more means that I don’t HAVE to. I’m perfectly fine with letting that item pass on to someone else who can get use out of it some more. This in fact makes me feel really damn good. It brings me joy.

Guess what also brings me joy:

A little ditty the town I reside in provides which is called...


There are two days a year in the small midwestern ville in which I dwell that are my 3rd and 4th favorite holidays (after Christmas and Halloween of course) - BIG TRASH DAYS.

Oh my poor husband, how he loves hearing me dance around the house pronouncing up and down the halls the up and coming BIG TRASH DAYS:

I even have it listed

My Holiday Order:

#1 Christmas

#2 Halloween - a VERY close, almost equal to Christmas

#3 Fall Big Trash Day

#4 Spring Big Trash Day

#5- idk like thanksgiving or something - I don’t care, all other holidays are pretty much equal, fight me.

Oh joyous Big Trash Day. (Big trash day has a name, it's large city cleanup or something boring. Whatever IT'S BIG TRASH DAY)

Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Nina, you said you didn’t want to fill up dumps... Isn't that literally big trash day!?” I will get to that, please be patient. It’s rude to rush people.

Continuing... now, Big Trash Day is technically more of a week…. You never REALLY know which day they’re going to show up, those beautiful Trash Santas on their insatiable stinky sled.

Generally it’s around Wednesday-ish. Which is great! Because A: you get to check every day, “DID THEY COME YET?”

But most importantly B: the POINT of big trash day, is absolutely NOT filling the dump with your attic fodder, (I told you I was getting here) it’s to give your crap away to people who view it as TREASURES.