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Testimonial related to Skin Conditions & Upper Respiratory Infections

“I use Double Helix Water with my Neti Pot. 


I was starting with an upper respiratory infection and after using the Neti Pot with Double Helix Water, it stopped it completely.


As soon as I have any sinus problems beginning or feel as if I am getting sick, Double Helix water stops it immediately, especially with the Neti Pot.


My daughter has celiac disease and several diagnosed skin conditions: eczema, ichthyosis (extremely dry skin that won’t hydrate) and keratosis pilaris (little red bumps on the back of her arms and front of thighs). 


As a teenager, nice-looking skin is a high priority. 


She has tried many creams over the last 13 years---prescriptions, over-the-counter products and health-food store products---all with little or no success. 


After finishing the first tube of Double Helix Water - Skin Cream, we noticed her skin was more hydrated and less red. 


At the end of the second tube, she excitedly showed me her arms and legs---entirely clear, smooth and moist skin! 


She uses it daily.”





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