Let’s Compare Healthy Baby Lotions!

By: Nina Meyer

Being a mother of two toddlers, I know all too well the struggle a new mom can go through trying to find the best lotion for her sweet soft kissable baby.

I spent SO much time and money throwing away lotion after lotion and in the end just wound up with two coconut oil covered slime babies.

BUT, now that I'm past the baby stage and have learned from my mistakes, (and gotten some sleep), hopefully I can help a few of you find a better solution than having slippery little oil bombs!

I compiled a bunch of popular and healthy baby lotions, all free from harmful ingredients, and tried them out on myself. Here’s how they measured up!

HONEST Face & Body Lotion Purely Sensitive

9.95 (1.17 per ounce)

Fragrence free- contains no dyes, parabens, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates or synthetic fragrences. hypoallergenic lots of ingredients tho

This lotion absorbed well, lived up to it's title of fast absorbing and was silky. I didn't LOVE the "scent" of it, but it goes away quickly and is not too jarring. Also I didn't love how many ingredients it has. But it works pretty good.

Baja Baby Body Lotion Lavender

24.95 (2.08 per ounce)

Vegan, made with organic & ethically sourced ingredients . lots of oils.

I absolutely LOVED this lotion. It smells amazing, VERY heavily scented though, so perhaps too much for a baby. But the smell is of a field of fresh lavender. It goes on super smooth, takes a bit to absorb but then stays silky. Really I just want it to be my personal lotion.

Babyology Natural Baby Lotion 100% Edible

11.99 (1.78 per ounce)

100% edible & natural! no added fragrance, free of petroleum, phthalates, parabens, dies and allergens. Looks to be mostly coconut & almond oil based

Noooo, no no no. This one smells strongly of not good things. And it's also pretty watery and doesn't absorb. Sorry

Earth Mama Baby Calming Lavender Baby Lotion