I Tried 5 Crossfit Shoes So You Don't Have To

By: Nina Meyer




One thing you learn after a few trips down Metcon lane is that a very important aspect of crossfit is your gear. The last thing you want is to have something, besides your old ticker, slowing you down.

Whether it be clothes that don’t stay in place, hair falling in your eyes, or shoes that work against you. If you’re struggling with your workouts, it might be time to kick your kicks and upgrade to something made for the job.

I took 5 popular crossfit shoes and wore the hell out of them for months, to decide which shoes work best for which movements.

So here you have it:

5 Shoes: 5 Crossfit Movements:

Movement: BOX JUMP

Box Jumps and Box Jump Overs are a heavy impact - plyometric movement. The basic concept is simple. Get both feet to carry your exhausted skeletal frame from the floor to the top of the box, simultaneously, and as agilely as possible. Also known as (drumroll please) “A Jump”. But the actuality of it can be a lot more trying.

Some peeps like to hop up and down and back again in a quick rebound. Others prefer stepping down from the box after jumping up, doing a fancy little spin along the way, like a crossfit ballerina.

Either way, the general gist is that a jump at some point is required onto or off of a large wooden cube. I think you’re following.

So here’s how it felt in each shoe:

Reebok nano 9: Lightweight, soft and cushy. Kept up the pace with even weight distribution.

Felt good on a jump down. Sticky enough to not feel like you’ll slip on the top of the box.

Nike Metcon 5: These are less cushioned than the reeboks so you’ll feel alot more pressure on your feet when you come down. BUT they feel like they have more arch support and are bouncier so you can move faster in them. Side point: they're also louder. Squeeky as hell. Sounds like a high school basketball game. But if that doesn’t bother you I’d say they’re my top choice for box jumps - because of speed.

Inov-8 F-LITE 235 V2 Cross Trainer: I do not love this shoe for box jumps. It has zero cushion, so it doesn’t really help any with the impact. It is incredibly lightweight and snug to my foot so it feels grippy and safe which is nice - I don't feel like I'll be eating a box sandwich. But for sure I felt like the minimal aspect would make my calves blow up if I did a ton. So, if you’re only doing a few box jumps it will be fine and quick. If you’re doing a ton though I feel like you would want a little more cushion to steeve off some super sore feet.

Nobull: Also do not love these shoes for box jumps, they look cool as hell, and are stable and supportive for lifting. But I felt like I was box jumping in a pair of clogs. Would not recommend.

Asics Gel Quantum 90: Lol, my feet felt heavy and awkward and I definitely almost ate it when the ridges hit the side of the box. Bad idea.

Movement: ROPE CLIMB