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One of our scientists, Dr. Lo, has been researching water at the subatomic level.  From his research, he has made startling discoveries involving water and well-being. Dr. Lo would like to share some of the results of his experiments, while emphasizing that his research is still in its initial stages.

The publisher, authors and others who contributed to the content of this website are presenting this information for educational purposes only. Nothing contained herein is intended for use in prescribing any medical treatment, nor are any of the previously listed individuals suggesting that the data contained herein is for use within the field of the medical arts.

Dr. Lo focuses here on the science behind Stable Water Clusters (SWCs) and infrared photography. He believes that you will be amazed and interested in the infrared images, which reveal that SWCs have had a dramatic impact on the subjects who have participated in Dr. Lo’s experiments.

Most of us think of water as an everyday object, not realizing that, for scientists, water remains complex and mysterious.

Although two glasses of water might look alike and may be chemically alike, research indicates that they could be structurally different and could produce different effects.

Dr. Lo created extremely diluted solutions, similar to those used in homeopathic remedies. He then examined these dilutions with an electron microscope, which showed that in some cases the water contained strange ice crystals that formed at room temperature under normal pressure.

The crystals were even stable at high temperatures. Please visit the article page for the impact of this research in Evidence for the existence of solid phase of water at normal pressure and room temperature.

Dr. Lo had no idea that his water research would lead him into the area of health and healing. In truth, many people have advised him to stay away from this area of research, since it could lead to skepticism and criticism. However, keeping Dr. Lo’s discoveries a secret would be like discovering penicillin in a laboratory, hypothesizing that it could help millions of people, but then not telling anyone for fear of being ridiculed. Dr. Lo is not trying to convince people he is right, but rather aims to simply present his research so that others can make up their minds and/or do their own research.

How Dr. Lo made this connection between his water research and health is an interesting story, a story that is told in full in the book Double Helix Water Has the 200-year-old mystery of homeopathy been solved?



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