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Testimonial Related to Bed Bug Bites

“Spent 5 nights in a bedbug infested room before realizing it!


By the time I did, I was breaking out all over my face, neck, arms and legs with over 100 seriously swollen, itching bed bug bites!


Quickly moved to a motel, got on the internet, researched, went out and purchased every anti-itch product I could find.


I did EVERYTHING that I read about! None of it worked for very long. One bite had on my wrist was so swollen I was thinking I should go to the emergency room to have it cared for.


Fortunately, I had a few bottles of Double Helix Water (DHW) in my suitcase.


Decided to try mixing some of it into some anti-itch “Blu Emu” cream that I had purchased at Walmart.


I rubbed the cream on all of my bites and sprayed the infected one with straight DHW. My itching stopped immediately!!!


Then I poured some pure DHW into a small spray bottle and sprayed it on my infected bite. Was able to finally get some sleep!


When I woke up the next morning, the swollen infected bite had gone down by 80%!


I have tried it on, mosquito bites since and it worked to stop the itching for those as well.




— L.S.L.



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