The WORST gifts to give Toddlers and Some that are GREAT

The WORST gifts to give Toddlers and Some that are GREAT

By Nina Meyer


Gifts with thousands of tiny beads or glitter. As soon as you’ve experienced this you’ll understand why.

Remember the joke ten years back of mailing someone a “glitter bomb”? That is literally what you are gifting if you go down this path.

Those beads and glitter will be EVERYWHERE. For years. In hair, on babies, in every corner of your house, Ugh, lord save your carpet. Walk slowly from the glitter bead bomb and towards something you’ll get thanked for.


Really Big Coloring Book ​I mean - REALLY BIG. IT IS A GIANT COLORING BOOK, like half the size of a table.

And a toddler who likes to draw will think it is SO cool. My son who said like 3 words said his first, “WOW” when he got into it. It’s ​big enough to keep them enthralled and entertained for hours spread out on the floor.

It’s also great for working on sharing, as two can work on either side of the book without having to touch each other (the horror).

These coloring books are manufactured in the United States of America and guaranteed 100 percent safe with non-toxic inks, paints and dyes.


Don’t forget to gift it with a pack of washable crayons :D


A whistle. Seems unassuming right? Cute thing to tie on a ribbon?

Well, before you grab that dainty little sound blaster in the checkout stand of your store to round out your gift bag ask yourself one question, “what would it feel like to have this blown in my face at full volume for 4-6 hours?” ehhh...see where i’m going?

Whistles are gifts that only a parent should buy, so they have no one to blame but themselves.


Sound Button Books like ​Hear Bear Roar ​and ​Busy Noisy Farm​. These books are FIRST-RATE FANTABULOUS for working on mimicking sounds.

They teach a love of reading, interacting, and duplication, while holding attention for hours. The sound effects are engaging and cute and a reasonable volume.

And the buttons are easy for curious fingers to push. Always a great go-to gift.


Makeup. Guess what toddlers do with makeup? They cover themselves with it.

And then all their friends with it. And then they attack their parents with it. And eat some of it.

And then they run around with wide red lip mouths and purple black glitter eyes and scare all the babies.

A caboodle full of wet and wild may seem like a cute idea but in reality, the lipstick toddlers didn’t eat, will end up smeared across faces and walls.

Leaving all the party guests to go home looking a lot more like Freddy Kruger than Dolly Parton.

As my toddler would say, “It’s not nice”.


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