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What is the Difference Between Double Helix Water Cream & Full Spectrum Skin Cream?

One question we get frequently asked is, “What is the difference between the Double Helix Water cream and the Full Spectrum Skin Cream?” Along with, “Which should I use?”

Both creams were designed with the intention of getting a large amount of Double Helix Water to a targeted area of the body – and both have a similar amount of Double Helix Water in them.

The Tale of Two Creams

To understand the difference, it is useful to know a bit of the history of why and how the creams were designed.

Years ago, one of our engineers broke his collarbone rather badly. As he had access to quite a bit of Double Helix Water (and was familiar with the studies done on Double Helix Water with regards to inflammation) he started taking the water and placing it directly on the area of pain and inflammation – in this case over his chest and shoulder.

Within a couple days he was in the lab talking to our chemist and an Medical Doctor we had in house, swearing that he would not go without the Double Helix Water applied directly until the break was healed.

While this was of course highly anecdotal it did bring up the point that it would make sense to apply Double Helix Water directly to an area of pain or inflammation! People had done this in the past with burns and sunburns and reported being pleased with the results.

The only problem was the amount of water it took to apply it directly made this a bit of a pricey proposition.

The Solution?

So after some discussion, our chemist and MD got with a cream formulator and made the first cream – actually patenting it in the process.

This was Double Helix Water The Original Formula Cream. It was created with simple, pure, organic ingredients (coconut oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, beeswax and sunflower lecithin) – with Double Helix Water being the main active ingredient.

It’s a smooth, thick and hydrating cream, intended to get a large amount of Double Helix Water to a targeted area of the body.

As the distribution of Double Helix Water moved forward it became apparent that the cream was a hit. However, there was some feedback that customers wanted a lighter cream which was more like an easily spreadable lotion.

This was a particular request of many massage therapists who also wanted it in a tube for easy application on multiple clients.

And so, we designed the second cream!

This cream was originally called “Full Spectrum Skin Cream” and, while the basic formula has never changed, it had a number of different natural scents and essential oils added over the years.

At present the unscented, original formulation is available as “Full Spectrum Skin Cream.”

So to Recap

  • Double Helix Water Cream is the original formulation.

  • It is a thicker more hydrating cream.

  • It comes in a jar.

  • Full Spectrum Skin Cream is a lighter, more lotion like cream,

  • It comes in a tube.

Both creams have a similar concentration of Double Helix Water in them and both were designed with the specific intention of getting a high concentration of Double Helix Water to targeted areas of the body.

Rumor has it a new cream is in the making, keep an eye out for our announcement with more information about the product launch!


"I’ve gotten on a whole exercise routine, including getting back into golf and i use this for sore muscles. It works like a charm. My wife, who is currently pregnant, also uses it for sore muscles/cramps. Highly recommended." -- I.G

"I can’t rave enough about Double Helix Water Original Cream. I used the cream throughout my entire pregnancy (specifically on my stomach) and even though I got as big as a house I didn’t have a single stretch mark and it was the only thing that helped my severely dry pregnancy skin. I also had my husband rub it into my feet and ankles every evening which brought down the swelling and really just felt great. It doesn’t have any fragrance which was also a big plus, since I was so sensitive to smells during that time. I highly recommend this cream!" --E.C.

"As an Elder Care worker, I was in a resident home 48 hours a week with my clients. They suffered from many things I could do little more than walk them through. It is heartbreaking. When I found Double Helix Water cream to be helpful for me with my flair ups of allergic skin reactions, I thought, why not give it a try.? I first tried it on a woman whose face and arms were red, patchy and her skin was very thin. She was not in pain. She was suffering from being abused. She wanted a bit of comfort in seeing herself like she remembered. Not young, just better. We had lotion the doctors had given us which had done nothing. She asked what I used one night and I used my Double Helix Water cream on her face and arms. The next morning, I was amazed how much better she appeared. She kept touching her face and arms and asked if I could give her more of my cream. I made sure she had plenty! Not only did it seem to heal her skin, it did wonders for her self-esteem!" -- Michelle

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