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By: Nina Meyer

During this new and unusual time of staying home and keeping distance, it can be super hard for Moms and Dads to find literally a second of time for themselves. Specifically parents of babies. Babies are beautiful, sweet, angelic joys who demand every single second of every single day be dedicated to their beautiful, sweet, angelic joy... and everything else that comes with it.

Grandparents, relatives and friends may be hearing all about this and wishing they could lend a helping hand or treat those poor tired moms to something special, and remind them that they are important. And while this time may be tough, it will eventually be over and what the parents will (hopefully) hold onto most will be the memories of joy.

Here are some GREAT tried and true ways to make new moms feel oh so special and like they still have a village who cares and supports them.

(SIDE Note: For the purposes of ease I have referred to "her" throughout this article as the mother, but these things can easily be done for fathers as well! They deserve pampering too.)


If you’re going to the store, check in first! Does she need diapers or wipes or any other day to day essentials you can leave on her doorstep? And if she DOES need those things, GOOD NEWS, because your real plan was to throw in something special for her. A pretty chocolate bar and a bottle of Rose' wine. Maybe a nice soft bathrobe, bath bombs and a face mask. Or a sweet smelling candle and Lactation cookies if she’s nursing or pumping to really make her feel loved and appreciated. Even just one cute little cupcake might be exactly what she needs to launch a smile on the day.

(Note: Avoid flowers, plants or puppies... anything she has to keep alive - as these just add to her mental chores list and stress level. Don't do that).


Offer to entertain the baby on FaceTime while the new mom takes a shower! If she has older kids, offer to read them a story on FaceTime while they hold the baby. Or go all out and grab a bunch of halloween makeup and let them dictate how you put it on your face! Perhaps you'd like to dress up in costume and reenact the Pirates Of The Caribbean? So many options.

That last one might even get her enough time to enjoy a truly relaxing bath instead of a shower - and use those bath bombs you surprised her with when you dropped off the diapers.

If she only has the one baby, have her set up a safe and strapped-in seat in the bathroom so she can still keep an eye on the lil tike. Then tell her to prop you up on an iPad and get your peekaboo face on!


Even though she can't go to the salon now, why not drop off a gift certificate to a hair salon or massage parlor OR a home cleaning service she can use when the world reopens?! What a dream to find in your mailbox! Makes me want to check my mail more often.


Oh hello wonder of food delivery apps - Doordash a meal to her doorstep! Or if you're a wiz in the kitchen and have time on your side, go all out and bake her a casserole or some baked goods and leave them on the doorstep with pretty disposable plates and glasses and a bottle of bubbly apple juice for a living room picnic! Make her a spotify playlist of french music for 10 billion bonus points.


Just show up with your loot and weed her garden! Or power wash the windows, mow the lawn! Whatever you want. Paint her door lilac. Guaranteed she will love you for it. You won’t have to actually go inside the house and BONUS, you can make goofy faces at the kids through the window while you do it! When you're done, don't forget to take her trash to the curb. Such a small thing but so big.


This idea is fun and educational. Fill a basket with thrilling activities for kids (if she has older ones) and baby toys with learning aspects. Keep the kids entertained and engaged while at home. Science projects, puzzles, bird seed sensory box. The world is your oyster. Check out pinterest for endless ideas.


Gift her a subscription to Disney + or Audible. Time can move slow when you're feeling cooped up. Bring the world in with some books or nostalgic films.


"Of the month clubs" are so fun and everyone loves them. Wine of the month club, makeup of the month club, Cheese of the month, underwear, you name it. There are so many options. You can generally buy these boxes in 1 month, 3 month or 6 month packages, and it's like opening christmas every time they arrive. Highly recommend.


Probably not chickens, but hey, I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life. Set up an appointment to get her dogs or cats or whoever groomed! Make sure they get cute little bows and bandanas included and watch her cry all her tears out when they show back up at her house smelling like a beach vacation and looking like little brad pitt and girl brad pitt.

That's it. A few ideas to brighten a new moms day and lend her a hand without ever stepping in her door!

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