By: Eva J. Clark

When many of us think of skin supplements we immediately jump to the two most common: Biotin and Vitamin E.

And while those are highly valuable, there are some lesser known supplements which, once added to your beauty regimen, can make a HUGE difference in what you see in the mirror.

I don’t like getting old.

Well fine, let me rephrase that, “I don’t like certain things about aging”.

Yes, I’m wiser, nicer, and have infinitely more patience than I did in my younger years. I dress better, I certainly have more confidence, and honestly just feel more free.

But, I don’t like my skin getting old.

It needs to stop doing that. It’s very rude of it.

I’ve never asked it to wrinkle or spot and I take offense to it’s deciding to do so.

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time, money, and the better part of my Masters degree in Biology attempting to correct this error in my skin’s judgement. And now, thanks to diligent research, mixed with a dash of trial and error. I think I have finally found the magic batch of vitamins.

So, I bequeath to you the knowledge I have gained:

5 Supplements for Beautiful Skin You MAY Have Never Heard Of

VItamin D3

What is vitamin D3 and why do you need it? Well D3 actually isn’t a vitamin, it’s what you would call a prohormone (your body converts it into a hormone).

Your body creates D3 when sunlight hits your skin. You need D3 to regulate and convert calcium from your belly to your bloodstream. Also, D3 helps your mood! It makes you happy. Studies link increased D3 to improved mood, so that’s nice. Makes sense why a sunny day can cheer you up.

Healthy levels of Vitamin D3 have been demonstrated to prevent aging, help in skin cell growth and skin cell repair. In a 2016 study men and women with acne experienced a significant skin improvement after taking oral vitamin D supplements. Extra hint: Take this at the same time as Vitamin K for best absorption.

I take this one: Pure Foods

Co Q10

Co Q10 is a “coenzyme” (a biological molecule, that speeds up the chemical reaction taking place in a cell, helping things like digestion and metabolism).