By Nina Meyer

Welcome to motherhood! Your baby is an exhilarating, joyful, catapult of love who you are bound to be absolutely TERRIFIED of. There is nothing that can completely prepare you for your sweet tiny babies’ every need. Or, for the astounding changes your body will go through after birth. BUT, one way to help prepare is with gifts! Specifically gifts from others who have been through it all.


So toss aside your infant suspenders and pink newborn shoes. Here’s some presents that will get you pulled aside and kissed solidly on the mouth six months down the road when they realize just how much you saved their life:

Coconut Oil

I know what you’re thinking, “okaaay... boring way to start this” but LISTEN. Newborn babies are sen-si-tive little buggers and coconut oil quite literally has infinite uses. Sticky meconium butt? COCONUT OIL. dry skin patches? COCONUT OIL. Diaper rash. COCONUT OIL. Adorable angel toes stuck on a spider trap? (oh it happens) CO-CO-NUT OIL. And bonus, it’s super inexpensive and you can put it in a cute little jar with a twist of twine for that classy boho vibe.

Please make sure the coconut oil you purchase is food-grade, and avoid any oils with the words chemically processed, hydrogenated or deodorized in the description. Great option in the links.

Frida Mom Hospital Bag Essentials Complete Kit

THIS… is kind of a winner to be honest. A massive game changer in postpartum care. This my friends, is the most under-talked about, under-rated, COMPLETELY necessary gift to give not to the baby, but to the mom-to-be. For most first-time moms, no one REALLY prepares you for what’s going to happen to your body after you give birth, and holy cannoli it is a shock, GIRL, not in a good way. This will make the physical postpartum healing process easier and, dare we say, almost pleasant. Wonder women over here just endured the heroic act of creating and delivering a life into the world, the least we can do is give her a gift to ease the painful recovery process. She will thank you, and then thank you probably ten more times, and then cry and drink some wine and thank you again.

Sound Machine

Totally necessary. Lull your child to sleep and then drown out the sounds from the next room over of that movie you’ve been trying to watch for 2 months.

Or ahem... any other sounds you may feel like making... A sure crowd pleaser

Moonjax Baby Teether and the Baby Teething Tube

Two of the best teethers you’ll ever buy. I couldn’t pick one but who needs just one? They are both absolutely worth every penny. Save your friend the trouble of going through endless teethers only to discover the silicone is too hard, or not hard enough, or the shape is too awkward for little fingers to grasp, or it doesn’t fit in their sweet little mouth, or it’s cheap and made from questionable chemical compounds… blegh.

The Moonjax Baby Teether is divine for an early teether (my son started using it around 4 months). It’s easy to grip and impossible to choke on. Essential at this age. That teether went with me EVERYWHERE, and I bought multiple backups.

The Baby Teething Tube is flawless for older teethers with some handle on the ol’ hand eye coordination, (10 months and up? I think? don’t sue me for guesstimating). Such a simple idea and design but omg, it knocks everything else off the market. Occupies babies for hours and actually reaches the molars.