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3 Supplements that can instantly give your Pet a Happier Healthier life

By Eva J. Clark

Your pets are bundles of unconditional love, joyful affection, and endless online entertainment. So why not do everything we can to make their lives as happy and healthy as possible!

Below are 3 great supplements to improve the quality of life for your pet.

Fish oil:

Yes we all take it. But do you know why? There has been SO much written about this supplement, and how helpful it can to be to both humans and non-human animals.

Fish oil contains something very important; Omega-3 fatty acids. Your body and the bodies of your pets need these fatty acids to function, they are what you call essential fats because the body can’t make them from scratch, no matter how hard it tries. We have to get them from other sources (1). Two in particular, DHA and EPA are very important.

In humans, these Omega-3’s have been shown to help depression and anxiety (2,3), improve eye and brain health (4), improve risk factors for heart disease (5) and fight inflammation (6) (just to name a few).

And guess what, your pets get the same benefits. (7, 8)

Also, it’s been shown to promote a shiny healthy coat and reduce shedding, and, BONUS fewer hairballs in cats! (9).

Some of our top choices:


Probiotics are living microorganisms.

They come in many forms. Pills, yogurt, fermented foods.

But, no matter which way you get them, when consumed, they produce short-chain fatty acids which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella. People take probiotics for a variety of reasons but mainly to promote overall health (10), help or prevent diarrhea (11), keep the heart healthy (12), and boost the immune system (13). Recent studies at Oxford have even shown that your gut bacteria can actually influence your personality! WILD (14)

And guess what, our four legged friends have the same beneficial effects. ALONG WITH; improved breath, reduction in gas and an improvement in skin and coat appearance (15) SO HANDSOME.

For more information on probiotics check out this great blog!

And heres some good choices!

Double Helix Water for Pets:

Double Helix Water is composed of stable water clusters that combine together to form structures, which look similar to DNA (hence the name) (16). These structures can be seen using an Atomic Force microscope, and are small (and I do mean small, the size of an atom). When these structures were discovered, researchers began photographing them and then saw the structures attaching themselves to bacterium, and causing it to die, which then lead to a group of studies at UCLA on the function of stable water clusters (Double Helix Water) (17).

Studies in humans have shown a greatly increased immune system response in those who took Double Helix Water versus those who were taking a placebo (18) along with significant reductions in inflammation and an increase in cellular health (19, 20).

Taking this supplement can help relieve inflammation, and increase overall wellness and health by allowing the cells of the animals body to take in nutrients and expel waste more efficiently (21). Overall benefits are endlessly being discovered.

Respected veterinarians like Dr. Deva Khalsa and Dr. Kate Long use Double Helix Water in their practice as an easy way to keep pets healthy on a cellular level.

Here are some good choices:

So there you go! Three things you can add to your pets’ daily diet, to help them lead happier, healthier lives, and probably, improve your life as well.

Because happy pets lead to happy owners.



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