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The original study on immune response to Double Helix Water was done about two decades ago, in 1998 (full study here).

This study looked at many aspects, but there are 3 questions that are frequently asked today by practitioners that can be answered by the research done in this study.

  • Does Double Helix Water produce immune response?

  • Is more, or a higher dose better?

  • Is there an ideal interval between doses taken?

Per the information in the original study, the short answer to the all three questions is yes.

The first study on the health benefits and immune support of Double Helix Water was done by  B. Bonavida, Ph.D. Professor at UCLA and notable for his work in Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics, and author of over a dozen scientific books on these subjects and many more scientific papers. A heavy weight when it comes to research.

The results of this very first study were so startling, some found it hard to credit at the time. Even though the study was done by an independent laboratory and headed Professor B. Bonavida, Ph.D. who is otherwise considered a prominent and meticulous researcher.

The samples of Double Helix Water produced such a high immune response during testing it was thought that the samples had been contaminated by some drug or other factor. This was tested for and found not to be the case.

All results seen in testing were purely due to Double Helix Water.

While more studies have been done since then. This initial study sparked controversy due to its results, with a few orthodox and conservative researches refusing to believe that “water” could produce these results.

In a way they were right, normal water does not. No one anywhere contests that assertion. Any observed changes in the study are due to the presence of stable water clusters (now called Double Helix Water), not water.

Now twenty years later, anyone trying to refute the existence of stable water clusters, is simply arguing with hard cold photographic and scientific evidence. That they exist is no longer contested. They can be seen with an AMF or EMF microscope. End of story.

Figure 1, the graph that shows immune response generated with stable water clusters is probably what ignited the controversy. The irony in this controversy all sides acknowledge that water by itself does not cause the immune response, the test and study clearly show this.

Proof that the immune response was generated by the stable water clusters and not water is what the study is all about. Unlike most studies it used not one but two placebos.  The first, clean water used at the laboratory where the research was done. The second placebo was distilled water, supplied by the company that provided the stable water cluster samples.

As this was a preliminary study not all the different parts of the immune system were looked over, only a few specific cytokines were originally looked at.

While water itself is a necessary and vital component for cells to function properly, and thus the immune system. One can clearly see from the two placebos used (regular water from two different sources), that water was not a major influencing factor to the immune response observed in the study.

Response to Double Helix Water from a few other cytokines were checked for and tested.

In some of the tests the two placebos, water produced no reaction at all. While the stable water clusters (Double Helix Water) generated unheard of response.

Figure 3 highlights a particularly interesting immune response:

cytokine IL-12 is associated with autoimmune disorders, if one had such a disorder one would normally not want to use any substance that excites this part of the immune system.

Contrary to what was expected, anecdotal information collected over the years show no detrimental response in people with autoimmune disorders. At first glance this is a paradox. Later studies and investigation into how Double Helix Water triggers immune response, provide insight into what at first seemed illogical. They indicate a much more basic mechanism at work when exciting immune response.

We are looking at cell health, proper function, and a considerable reduction of gene mutation. Ref 2

Does the quantity of stable water clusters affect the response?

Yes it does. The following graphs show various concentrations being tested. The higher the concentration of Double Helix Water, the larger the immune response is.

Higher concentrations of Double Helix Water produce increased response in this study. This is another indicator that it is the stable water clusters in Double Helix Water and not the water that is producing the desired effect.

Different cytokines have different response rates relative to the concentration of stable water clusters. What is clear is that there is increased response to higher concentrations or quantities of stable water clusters on the cytokines tested in this study.

Administering Double Helix Water


One of the key question that remains to a degree unresolved is the exact dosage of Double Helix Water.

While the normal dosage recommended on the bottle serves fine for most minor issues. In some instances medical practitioners have used much higher quantities. It may also be possible to accelerate desired results by increasing the dosage, and while we have received anecdotal reports on this from highly qualified medical practitioners. No rigorous study has been done to allow for such a claim to be made at this time.

Figures 4 and 5 provide indication on what can be expected at higher dosages. One would want to be aware of any possible herxheimer5 or detox reaction. Later studies show that in addition to immune response, Double Helix Water assists in moving both nutrition and intracellular waste across the cell membrane.

Optimum Dosing interval.


There is a lot more information that needs to be gathered on this subject. What we can however say is that during the original study, time tables were drawn up looking at various immune responses. Ideal times vary depending on what component of the immune system one is looking at. Our current best estimate is every 8 to 12 hours.

So in closing:
  • In the very first study, done by an outside laboratory, overseen by one of the world’s leading experts on immunology, Double Helix Water produces a significant immune response.

  • Higher doses produced faster results, and may be required in severe cases to produce adequate response.

  • Optimum timing for dosages varies, though the earliest drop off observed in tests so far are after 8 hours intervals.



Figure 6: On Il-10 related response times we see an interval of 24 hours in order to produce a significant response.


The placebo, normal water has no reaction at all.


Figure 7: However other cytokine secretion responds much faster, and peaks at the 8 hour mark.


Figure 5: Another example related to inflammation.


Quantity of Double Helix Water shows an increasing response.


Figure 4: For example the IL-12 production response is larger when the Double Helix Water is more concentrated, and reduces the more diluted the mix is (smaller amount of stable water clusters present).


Figure 3: IL-12 is linked with autoimmunity.


Administration of IL-12 to people suffering from autoimmune normally worsens the autoimmune phenomena.


Use of Double Helix Water by people with autoimmune disorders has not shown any detrimental effects.


Figure 2: testing done with Double Helix Water on Interleukin 6 also showed a large response.


Placebo 1 and 2 are both samples of normal water provided by different sources.


As can be seen the placebos (water) did not produce any reaction at all.


Stable water clusters (Double Helix Water) on the other hand produced a massive reaction in this test.


IL-6 is an interleukin that acts as both a pro-inflammatory cytokine and an anti-inflammatory myokine.


Figure 1: Placebo one and two are samples of regular water.


One provided by the laboratory doing testing, the other by the company.


Two separate batches of stable water clusters were tested.


Stable water clusters were later branded as Double Helix Water after discovering that they would form into double helix structures.

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