Suggested Retail Price is $62.95/Bottle


200 Bottles of Double Helix Water. Pick your package for accurate pricing, at this size order the bottles cost 19$/Bottle for a larger order check the other available packages in the store.


Double Helix Water® is a scientific discovery light years ahead of it’s time. Recover faster, feel more energetic, feel younger, manage pain, feel better, think clearer, experience a new level of life, and live to your full potential! Double Helix Water® is a unique, ultra pure water form containing concentrated stable water clusters formed at a microscopic level.


Invitro studies show taking just a few drops a day can boost immune function, improve cellular interaction, improve metabolic function, reduce recovery time, increase energy and give one an improved overall feeling of wellness and good health.

200 Pack DHW $19/Bottle

  • One bottle contains 15 millilitres of Double Helix Water®

  • Double Helix Water® ultra-pure stable water clusters does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that Stable Water Clusters are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Double Helix Water, Stable Water Clusters, and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.



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