By: Nina Meyer

Fall Babies are made of pumpkin spice & everything nice.

Below is a list of 20 adorably perfect baby shower gifts for a Fall baby, which are sure to get you a top ranking at any autumn themed gathering.

Be the winner of best baby-shower-gift-giver. (It's probably not a thing, but it should be).

1. Gift Certificate for a Newborn Photoshoot From a Local Photographer

$ - price varies

My very favorite gift. Everyone wants adorable photos of their beautiful baby. And bonus, you are supporting a local artist! Highly recommend.

2. Mommy & Baby Gift Sets from Etsy $15

Another wonderful gift to support small businesses or stay at home artists. Gifts from Etsy are incredibly personalized and it's guaranteed that no one else will give the same present.

3. Adorable Personalized Throw Pillow $35

Personalized throw pillows are sooo cute. And while you don't want them to go in the crib, they make wonderful decorations for the babies' room, which will be cherished for a lifetime.

4. Gorgeous (Vegan) Leather Diaper Bag $152

This bag may be pricey but it's just an example. A quick search of the internet will find dozens of comparable diaper bags which are sure to awe the crowds, and make momma feel a little better about the dirty deeds it implies. Make sure there's lots of pockets and a comfy strap!

5. Dock a Tot $175