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By: Nina Meyer

Fall Babies are made of pumpkin spice & everything nice.

Below is a list of 20 adorably perfect baby shower gifts for a Fall baby, which are sure to get you a top ranking at any autumn themed gathering.

Be the winner of best baby-shower-gift-giver. (It's probably not a thing, but it should be).

$ - price varies

My very favorite gift. Everyone wants adorable photos of their beautiful baby. And bonus, you are supporting a local artist! Highly recommend.

Another wonderful gift to support small businesses or stay at home artists. Gifts from Etsy are incredibly personalized and it's guaranteed that no one else will give the same present.

Personalized throw pillows are sooo cute. And while you don't want them to go in the crib, they make wonderful decorations for the babies' room, which will be cherished for a lifetime.

This bag may be pricey but it's just an example. A quick search of the internet will find dozens of comparable diaper bags which are sure to awe the crowds, and make momma feel a little better about the dirty deeds it implies. Make sure there's lots of pockets and a comfy strap!

5. Dock a Tot $175

A sworn by secret of co-sleepers and cribbed babies combined. The Doc a Tot is a wonderful gift which you will absolutely be hugged for. Seriously. This thing saved my life. Worth every penny.

You'll never upset someone with adorable little outfits for their baby. Also, it's a good idea to think about buying a slightly older sized outfit. 3-6 months or even 9-12. As generally most people only buy newborn clothes for baby showers and then a couple months down the road they have nothing!

Similarly sworn by as the Dock A Tot, the Boppy infant lounger is every parent's go to for the first few months. You will absolutely get a thank you message down the road if you show up with this soft pillow of love.

As fun and cute as they are functional. A quick search of the internet will find HUNDREDS of

options for baby carriers. My personal favorites are the Tula and the Lenny Lamb. You can also buy them used on sites like Mercari for much cheaper.

Sweet and functional.

These wonderful covers come in dozens of patterns and double as car seat covers AND nursing covers! Also they make a comfy poncho. It's FASHION.

Any new parent will tell you how much they want to never put down their baby but ALSO how thankful they are for when they can! These bouncers take away any guilt about putting that sweet angel down for a second to drink your coffee.

12.Growth Chart! (make yourself or buy one like this for $99)

A good pick for DIYers. This is an easy gift to make yourself which people will cherish for a lifetime. Add a note on the back about using it to watch your family grow! I got one at my baby shower and I loved it soooo much. You can also buy one if doing it yourself is not your thing.

So soft!! Imagine all the adorable baby pictures that can be taken on this comfy wonderful rug. Instagram moms will be in heaven. Also, babies really do love to sleep and lounge on these, so it's a win win.

These are just arguably the cutest baby accessory. Literally no human being can see a baby in a bandana scarf and not say, "Awwwww"

Also, once teething hits these are a life-saver for the little drool monster. Available in endless patterns and colors.

One thing babies do a lot of is SLEEP. Not necessarily when you want them to unfortunately. But regardless, you can never have too many soft ,comfy sleepers. We recommend ones with hand coverings and easy access to the diaper.

All the rage these days. The envy of every new moms Facebook feed! This Milestone Mat is a super cute way to document your child's growth and development.

A perfect and simple gift for crunchy moms. Natural rubber pacifiers are cute and safe. And babies love them.

I mean, what's better than an adorably clean good smelling baby in a towel with bear ears?! Literally nothing. Buy these. Don't even think about it. You need to present someone with them.

A pricey but great gift. Babies go through tons of diapers. Take some stress off the parents and cover those butts with cute patterns.

Last but not least. Don't forget the parents need love too! Think about getting a wine subscription for a few months post baby! Even if momma's breastfeeding she can still have a glass, we won't tell.

Written exclusively for by Nina Meyer, a mother of two and lover of lists.